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Enterprise Risk Management & Insurance Services

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The mission of the Office of Risk Management is to be a resource for, and a service unit to, Coastal Carolina University. Our goal is to protect and preserve the University's financial solvency and its human and physical resources, including the safety of our students, employees, and visitors, through the development and administration of policies, procedures and standards. Effective risk management enables our University to achieve its primary goals of education, research, and service with minimal disruption from adverse events. We aim to assist in the management of our diverse operations, not by avoiding all risks, but by facilitating a collaboration of professional expertise to consciously determine and choose to accept risks that are tolerable to the institution.


The vision of the Office of Risk Management is to continually improve our service to the University community, to protect the University’s human, intellectual, physical, and financial assets and resources, and to collaborate with faculty, staff, and students to help them meet their goals while protecting the University.


The goal of the Office of Risk Management is to coordinate efforts with all departments on and off campus to ensure the protection and preservation of Coastal Carolina University’s human, physical and financial assets. This goal is accomplished by identifying potential human, physical, financial and natural losses and evaluating the best method for handling the risk whether it is risk avoidance, prevention, assumption or transfer.