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Workers' Compensation Guide

Below, we have provided some information that will assist you with the Workers’ Compensation process. 

REPORT INJURY TO CORVEL: If the injured employee or his/her supervisor judges that medical attention is needed, meet with your supervisor or other designated person and call CorVel at 1-866-282-2674 to report the injury. Complete the first Report of Injury with a Nurse Case Manager. 

WORK STATUS REPORT/ RETURN TO WORK STATEMENT: Please give your Return-to-Work Statement to Human Resources Benefits. Human Resources Benefits will notify your supervisor and risk management. 

  • If told you have restrictions, please discuss them with Human Resources Benefits. Coastal Carolina tries to accommodate all restrictions. If your department cannot accommodate your restrictions, your supervisor should contact Risk Management immediately.  
  • If the doctor determines that you should be Out of Work- Please notify your supervisor Human Resources Benefits, and Risk Management immediately.
  • If the doctor determines that you should be out of work, you may not return to work until the doctor releases you and provides you with a return to duty notice. 

PRESCRIPTIONS: If the doctor gives you a prescription, you may have it filled at the pharmacy you select. It is your responsibility to inform your nurse case manager which pharmacy you prefer.

  • Please do not pay for your prescription. If this is a work-related injury, the University’s insurance company is responsible for the cost of your medication. 
  • Please inform the pharmacy that this is a Workers’ Compensation injury. If they do not already have the authorization for your medication, please have the Pharmacy call Corporate Pharmacy at 866-429-1116. If you have any problems with the authorization, please contact Risk Management at 843-349-5088 or riskmanagement@coastal.edu. 

MRI: If the doctor orders an MRI, you should receive a call from One Call Care Diagnostics to schedule your appointment. *NOTE: They will be calling you from a toll-free number. 

  • If you do not receive a call within 3 days, please contact Risk Management at 843-349-5088 or riskmanagement@coastal.edu. 

OTHER INSURANCE: Please DO NOT use your Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance for payment of any medical treatment. The doctor’s office will bill the University’s Workers’ Compensation insurance company directly. 

PHYSICAL THERAPY: If the doctor orders Physical Therapy for you, you should receive a call from CareIQ/CorVel to schedule your appointment. *NOTE: They will call you from a toll-free number. 

  • If you do not receive a call within 3 days, please call Risk Management at 843-349-5088. 

REPORTING TIME IN SELF SERVICE FOR MEDICAL APPOINTMENTS: Please report your time out of work as sick leave. A manual adjustment will be made if you are out of work for 7 or more days. 

MILEAGE REIMBURSEMENT: If you should have an appointment off campus and the medical facility is at least 5 miles from your home or office (one way), you will be reimbursed for your mileage. You must complete the Mileage Reimbursement Form and return it to your adjuster, Traci Brunson. 

NURSE CASE MANAGER: A Corvel nurse case manager (NCM) has been assigned to coordinate any additional medical treatment you may need from your injury*. Your NCM will be contacting you after your initial visit. If you have not heard from your NCM and need immediate treatment, please contact Corvel’s toll free number immediately to avoid a delay in care. 

  • CorVel Corporation Toll Free number: 800-642-5137 
  • After each medical visit, please call or email your nurse case manager with an update on your appointment. If you need a return call, please indicate that on your voicemail or email. 

*Please know that should you decide to schedule appointments on your own, the insurance carrier may not cover any costs or treatment associated with those appointments. Failure to do so could result in out-of-pocket expenses or charges being inadvertently sent to your personal insurance. 


  • Your Claims Adjuster is Traci Brunson, contact information is listed below. 
  • The State Accident Fund (SAF) is our Workers’ Compensation Insurance Carrier. 


Coastal Carolina University: 

Christine Guthoff, MSM, AIC, AINS
Director of Risk Management and Insurance Services


Nurse Case Manager 
Toll Free Number: 800-642-5137 

State Accident Fund:

Traci Brunson, Insurance Analyst 
(O) 803-896-5837


Mileage Reimbursement Form (PDF)

Workers Compensation Presentation (PDF)

OSHA 300A Log Summaries