Employee and Student Employee Workers Compensation Plan - Coastal Carolina University
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Workers' Compensation Plan

All employees are covered under the University’s workers' compensation insurance. Workers' compensation insurance applies whenever an employee is injured on the job or becomes ill due to an exposure or contact with any type of environmental material while in the performance of their job duties. Workers' compensation insurance assists injured or ill employees by paying for medical care, mileage to and from home to the medical provider, and compensates the employee for work missed work due to their workplace injury or illness.

Utilizing the following procedures will ensure that employees are familiar with their rights and responsibilities under workers compensation.

A. As soon as an employee is injured or has an onset of an illness performing their duties, the employee should notify their supervisor. In the absence of the immediate supervisor, the employee should notify the supervisor's supervisor.

B. The supervisor or the injured worker should immediately report the accident to Corvel Services at 1-866-282-2674. Following notification to Corvel, the supervisor and/or employee must notify the Office of Risk Management. Corvel Services is responsible for scheduling a doctor's appointment if needed.

C. In case of an accident that demands emergency room treatment due to severity of injury the supervisor should notify Corvel Services as arrangements are being made to transport the employee to the emergency room. The Office of Risk Management is responsible for completion of other necessary forms, ensuring employees are aware of their rights and responsibilities, coordinating medical care payment/verification of workers compensation cases with medical providers, with reviewing information provided purpose of determining appropriate reporting to the insurance carrier and claim payment, and with assisting employees in communication with the insurance carrier and medical providers.


‌ Workers' Compensation Presentation

Workers Compensation Presentation (PDF)