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25Live Pro FAQs

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What space are available during Phase 2 of the Comeback Plan?

  • AOC2*210 (21)
  • ATNM*105 (24)
  • BCMW*100 (24)
  • BRTH*112 (35)
  • EHFA*152 (37)
  • EHFA*164 (16)
  • EHFA*246 (21)
  • EHFA*247 (21)
  • EHFA*248 (21)
  • EHFA*249 (21)
  • EHFA*253 (22)
  • EHFA*256 (32)
  • HTCC*207 (22)
  • LJSU*A110 (52)
  • LJSU*A201 (20)
  • LJSU*Rotunda (tabling only)
  • SNGL*Ballroom (40)
  • WALL*116 (36)
  • WALL*206 (20)
  • WALL*211 (21)
  • WALL*222 (18)
  • WALL*225 (24)
  • WALL*309 (49)
  • WALL*317 (49)
  • WALL*318 (28)
  • WALL*322 (28)
  • WB*100 (48)
  • WB*153 (41)
  • Outdoor Locations

How do I get access to 25Live Pro?

If you are a faculty or staff member, please log in to 25Live Pro with your CCU credentials and then log back out. Once you have completed these steps, send an email to to request access for creating event requests. The Office of Scheduling and Space Management will set up your 25Live Pro security and contact you to notify you of your new access for using the ‘Event Creation’ button.

Where can I get trained on 25Live Pro?

Users can register for in-person trainings at Users may also visit the online Reservation Center for step-by-step training materials. If you cannot attend an in-person training and need assistance, please email to setup a one-on-one training. The Office of Scheduling and Space Management can also schedule departmental trainings upon request.

When can I create an event?

The Office of Scheduling and Space Management requests that all events are reserved at least two business days in advanced to give proper time for review and to notify resource providers. Although at least two business days is the preference, the Office of Scheduling and Space Management will accept reservations at any time; however, reservations will be reviewed and confirmed only during normal University business hours.

*In accordance with the Coastal Comeback Plan, all request must be made 14 calendar days in advance.  This is due to the screening process that will take place on all in-person events during the phased reopening of the University.

Conference rooms/Meeting spaces in locations other than the Student Union can be reserved at any time.

Academic classrooms are typically available for event reservations several weeks after advanced registration ends for students. When logging into 25Live Pro, the welcome announcement will notify you when the following semester is available.

The Student Union will open for priority booking for fall semesters between April 1-30 for student organizations and offices housed in the LJSU. On May 1, other offices may start to reserve Student Union spaces for the fall. The Student Union will open for priority booking for spring semesters between Nov. 1-30 for student organizations and LJSU offices. On Dec. 1, other offices may start to reserve Student Union spaces for the spring.

When/how should I let you know that my event needs to be updated or cancelled?

Please let the Office of Scheduling and Space Management know as soon as possible if you need to update or cancel your event. At least two business days is preferred so we can notify all resource providers. The Office of Scheduling and Space Management will update or cancel your event at any time. 

Please review the ‘Edit Event’ Manual on the 25Live Pro Training website for a step-by-step visual guide for editing your event.

Please review the ‘Cancel Event’ Manual on the 25Live Pro Training website for a step-by-step visual guide for cancelling your event.

If my event exceeds the headcount of a room, will 25Live Pro inform me?

Yes, you will receive a warning that your headcount exceeds the capacity of the room. You can also keep the ‘Enforce Headcount’ option checked on your Location search. Please note, if you search for a location when ‘Enforce Headcount’ is checked, the location will not appear if your headcount is larger than the capacity of that location.

Where can I find the required setup and takedown times for my event requests?

Details regarding the necessary setup and takedown times for campus events can be found in the ‘Create Event- Event Form’ manual on the Scheduling and Space Management 25Live Pro Training website.

How do I reserve AV in 25Live Pro?

To reserve AV in 25Live Pro, type in ‘AV’ in the Event Resources search. To reserve AV in the Student Union, type ‘LJSU’ in the Event Resources search.

Are there AV packages available in 25Live Pro?

Yes, there are two AV packages available in 25Live Pro.

Selecting the Classroom Package will reserve the installed computer, projector and screen. This package can be used in classrooms.

Selecting the Presentation Technology Package will reserve the installed computer, installed screen, installed projector, installed sound system, presentation remote, microphone, and microphone stand. This package can be used in the Alford Ballroom, Johnson Auditorium, LeForce Suite, Singleton Ballroom, and the West Zone Suite.

If I’m using equipment that is already installed in a room, should I still reserve AV resources in 25Live Pro?

Yes, this assists the University with reporting. Please select the installed equipment or select one of the available AV packages. If you need assistance with equipment already installed in a location, please select ‘AV- Staff Assistance’ to request assistance from a University Events staff member.

How do I reserve tables and chairs?

If you’re hosting an event in the Student Union, there are several ways to select tables and chairs. If you’re reserving LJSU*A201, A213, or A214, please choose your layout option. Users do not need to request tables and chairs for these spaces as they are already provided. If you’re reserving the LJSU*Courtyard, Rotunda or CINO Lobby, please type in ‘LJSU’ in the Event Resources search; LJSU-Table and LJSU-Chairs will be options to select.

If you’re reserving space in a location other than the Student Union, please submit a SchoolDude request for all tables and chairs and any other needed facilities resources.

How do I gain access to SchoolDude?

Please contact Facilities at 843-349-2650 for SchoolDude access. Facilities can also assist with SchoolDude training.

What can be requested in SchoolDude?

Tables, chairs, stages, and other setup supplies can be requested under ‘Event Setup.’ Video Services (ex. Livestream) can be requested under ‘Audio/Visual.’ Custodial Services and additional indoor trash cans can be requested under ‘Custodial.’ Public Safety can be requested under ‘Security.’ Recycling bins can be requested under ‘Recycling.’ Extra outdoor trash cans can be requested under ‘Grounds.’ Any on-site facilities staff should be requested under the category the staff falls under.

Where do I request guest internet access or a conference phone?

Please submit an ITS ticket for access to guest internet access or to have a conference phone set up for an event. Please do not assume that guest internet access is already set up in your event location.

How do I order food for my event?

If food is needed for an event, please select an appropriate location in 25Live Pro. Please add at least a two-hour setup and takedown time for all events with food. Please select ‘Yes’ when answering ‘Will food be ordered for this event’ in the Event Form. When you receive your event confirmation, please make sure to submit a custodial request in SchoolDude. Please remember to coordinate your catering needs with CCU Food Crew or call 843-349-2422.

Where can I host events with food?

Please select an appropriate location; food is not allowed in auditoriums or academic classrooms. Some locations may require additional setup.

Who is considered an official visitor?

If you’re inviting an off-campus individual or group to campus, please select ‘Official Visitor’ when filling out your Event Form. If you’re inviting a member of the Board of Trustees, you should also select ‘Official Visitor.’ ‘Official Visitor’ must be selected if you’re inviting a political figure to campus. If the political figure is currently campaigning for office, please contact the Office of Scheduling and Space Management before submitting a request to ensure that all University policies and procedures are being followed. If your event is open to the public and you’re not sure who might attend, you do not have to select ‘Official Visitor.’

Is there an easier way to create an annual event in 25Live Pro?

If you have a reoccurring biannual, annual, etc. event that maintains most of the same event information as your original reservation, you can copy that event. Please view the event you would like to copy and in the ‘More Actions’ dropdown, click ‘Copy Event.’ This will carry over most of the event information into a new request where you can make changes as needed. Please note, when copying an event the word ‘Copy’ will remain in the title. Please be sure to rename your event.

When I submit my event, do I select ‘Internal,’ ‘External’ or ‘I Don’t Know’ when prompted?

As a Coastal Carolina University employee, you should only submit event requests on behalf of your department/job. Please select ‘Internal’ when prompted as your request is for an internal University event. The only exception to this is for athletic coaches who submit camp/clinic requests; those requests are considered ‘External’ since they are externally hosted events. If you would like to host an external event on campus such as a birthday party, baby shower or business event, please email to coordinate your request.

Why is my event listed as Tentative?

Tentative means your event is currently being reviewed by the Office of Scheduling and Space Management for approval. Until you receive a confirmation email from the Office of Scheduling and Space Management, your event is not confirmed and should not be advertised. You should also wait to submit work orders until you receive a confirmation due to the possibility of location or time changes. Once you receive your confirmation email, please open the PDF attachment and ensure all information is listed and accurate.