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Should I Drop A Class?

Reasons To Drop A Class:

Poor performance. "Even with help, I just don't get it."
Too busy. "I'm doing too much and don't have time for this class."
Change of academic direction. "I no longer need this class for my new major."
Strategy. "Dropping this class will help me catch up in my other classes."

What Does It Mean To Drop A Class?

Dropping a class (aka withdrawing) before the drop deadline means that you receive a “W” grade, which does not negatively impact your GPA.

Things To Consider:

You are not alone! Many students experience academic struggles. It’s just very important that you make an informed decision about what to do!

Check the deadline! If you drop a class after the deadline, you receive a WF. A WF calculates your GPA as an F. Check the deadline by visiting You may have several weeks to decide to drop and time to turn it around! Give yourself the chance to succeed!

Talk to your instructor. Discuss your interim grade. Identify what is working. Build a strategy for success!

Gupta College of Science students have rigorous schedules. Adjusting to that rigor early is important because your program gets more challenging (and fun) as you progress.

• Consider the impact on your financial aid, scholarships, or other awards. Contact the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships at 843-349-2313,, or visit Baxley 219.

• Consider your degree progress. Will you meet the requirements for next semester? Is it a high-priority course? When will the course be offered next? Some classes are only offered in certain semesters (fall or spring only). You should also complete 15 credits per semester to finish on time.

• Will you be full-time? If you drop below 12 hours, your housing, financial aid, athletic eligibility, VA benefits, or more could be impacted. Even car insurance, health insurance, or dependent status can be impacted by attending part-time.

• Can you replace the hours? Replacing hours after dropping a class can be challenging. CCU and the Gupta College of Science course offerings can be very limited for online or late start (Fall II or Spring II). If you can’t replace those hours, what will you do? Holds may also prevent adding a class.

• It’s on your transcript. The W/WF appears on your official transcript. While a W does not impact your GPA, a significant number of W's on your transcript is not recommended.

Questions? Talk to your academic advisor! Always consult your advisor before a drop. (Found in Self-Service)

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