Dalton & Linda Floyd Family Mentoring Program

Dalton and Linda Floyd Family Mentoring Program

The Dalton and Linda Floyd Family Mentoring Program provides an opportunity for college students to serve as role models for children (K-8) in area schools. Creating a positive relationship takes time, so mentors visit their young friends for an hour, at least once each week for one semester, and preferably for the school year and longer.

‌Some mentors participate as part of a course while others are volunteers. Education majors typically mentor during their freshmen and sophomore years, giving them an opportunity to work with a child and serve in a school at the beginning of their career. But mentors may be from any academic program at the University. Males are especially encouraged to apply, since many boys are identified as needing a positive male role model.

Mentors complete on-line and in-person preparation before being placed in a school and matched with a child. A school staff member, typically a counselor, provides on-site supervision, along with the K-12 mentoring specialist. Requirements to mentor: desire to encourage children and youth to do their best, availability during the school day (10 a.m.-1:30 p.m. are the most common times), transportation to school, be able to pass background check and a 2.0 GPA. Apply here

After one year of service, mentors may apply for the Dalton and Linda Floyd Family Mentoring Scholarship. Mentors are also eligible for letters of reference for graduate school and employment.


Rebecca Masters
Academic Affiliate, Spadoni College of Education and Social Sciences
Director, Dalton and Linda Floyd Family Mentoring Program

Phone: 843-349-2694
Office: PRIN 209C