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Student Q&A: Certificate in Instructional Technology

Q: When are courses offered?
A: Courses are offered throughout the year. See courses offerings below.
EDUC 204: Fall, Spring- Hybrid or Online, Summer 8-week - Online 
EDUC 304: Fall, Spring, Summer 8-Week - Online 
EDIT 106: Fall, Spring, Summer 2 - Online 
EDIT 124: Fall, Spring, Summer 1 - Online 

Q: How can I add Certificate in Instructional Technology (CIT) to my profile?

To add a certificate or minor, students can do so via the following link: Click on the “Change of Academic Program Form” to Add a Certification, and then choose Instructional Technology. 

Once the request is processed, the requirements will appear on the student’s Program Evaluation. 

Q: When will I receive my certificate?
Physical prints of the certificates typically are mailed to graduates 8-10 weeks after graduation applications are processed. The Registrar does not order physical copies of the certificates to be printed until all graduation application processing is complete. Questions can be sent to the Office of the Registrar.  

Q: What if I only want to take one or two courses?
Students can take an individual course to count toward the Core Curriculum electives, or pre-professional program requirements, or they can take all the courses required for the certificate.

Q: What should I provide to my employer as proof that I have the certificate? 
A: Graduates should provide their transcripts to employers to verify their completion of the certificate program. The physical certificate is not considered the “official” documentation that the student has earned the certificate, the student’s official transcript is. 

Q: How can I register for classes?
Your academic advisor will get you registered according to your study plan and course offering schedule. You can verify your schedule on Self-Service ( under your future class schedule. If not, please contact your academic advisor. 

Q: Where can I look up the CCU academic calendar?
A: The CCU academic calendar can be found at

Q: What do I do if a course is full and closed?
A: If a course is full, please contact your academic advisor. Your advisor will need to fill out a special permission form on your behalf.