Praxis Core

All education pre-majors are required to pass or exempt the Core Academic Skills Praxis Core (formerly called Praxis 1) exam prior to entering the Spadoni College of Education and Social Sciences Professional Teacher Educator Program. The Praxis Core exam consists of reading, writing, and math.

At Home Praxis Testing

As of September 1, 2019, the Praxis Core exam requirements for the state of South Carolina changed. Some of the free website below may have the old test numbers, but can still be used as a practice resource.

Assessment Passing Score
Praxis Core Combined (new code 5752)  
Praxis Core Reading: (new code 5713) 156
Praxis Core: Mathematics (new code 5733) 150
Praxis Core: Writing (new code 5723) 158

 You may exempt the Core Academic Skills Praxis if:

  • You scored 1100 on SAT (i.e., taken on or after March 2016).
  • You scored 22 or higher on ACT Composite 
  • You scored 1650 or higher on SAT Composite (i.e. Taken prior to March 2016).
  • You scored 24 or higher on ACT Composite (i.e. Taken prior to March 2016).

You may register for the Core Academic Praxis at The Core Academic Skills Praxis test is computer-delivered and must be taken at a certified testing center.

Did you know that you can take your Praxis Core exam at CCU? Click here for complete details: Praxis Exam at CCU.