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Current Crime Log (Last 30 days: June 24, 2019 - July 24, 2019)

7/22/2019Fight - student conduct referral
7/19/2019Traffic stop - defective tag light, possession of marijuana, possession of paraphernalia, No valid DL
7/18/2019Traffic stop - possession of paraphernalia
7/17/2019Traffic stop - operating uninsured, possession of paraphernalia
7/16/2019Fire alarm activation
7/14/2019Lightning strike
7/14/2019Vandalism of street signs
7/14/2019Assist another agency - Domestic violence
7/14/2019Traffic stop - operating uninsured, possession of heroin, possession of paraphernalia
7/13/2019Alarm activation
7/11/2019Malicious damage
7/11/2019Traffic stop - careless operation, possession of marijuana
7/10/2019Traffic stop - No valid DL, operating uninsured, suspended license plate
7/8/2019Underage possession of alcohol
7/8/2019Traffic stop - DUS , operating uninsured, possession of marijuana
6/29/2019Traffic stop - defective tag light, PWID marijuana, possession of paraphernalia, DUS
6/28/2019Traffic stop - DUS
6/27/2019Traffic stop - DUS, unlawful turn
6/25/2019Assist another agency
6/25/2019Assist another agency
6/25/2019Assist another agency
6/21/2019Traffic stop - disregarding and traffic signal, possession of marijuana
6/21/2019Fraud attempt
6/20/2019Assist another agency
6/20/2019Traffic stop - disregarding a stop sign, DUS, operating uninsured
6/20/2019Traffic stop - failure to maintain a lane, possession of marijuana, open container of alcohol
6/20/2019Traffic stop - speeding, DUS

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