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Current Crime Log (Last 30 days: October 15, 2019 - November 14, 2019)

11/12/2019Malicious Damage to Property
11/12/2019Towed vehicle
11/11/2019Underage Possession of Alcohol
11/11/2019Larceny of Currency
11/11/2019Larceny of AirPods
11/11/2019Larceny of a Bicycle
11/11/2019Traffic Stop - Simple Possession of Marijuana/Resisting Arrest
11/7/2019Possible drug use - student conduct referral
11/7/2019Possession of marijuana
11/7/2019Sexual assault
11/7/2019Larceny of a golf cart
11/7/2019Larceny of a golf cart
11/6/2019Theft from a Motor Vehicle
11/6/2019Damage to a Motor Vehicle
11/6/2019Traffic Stop - DUS/Operating Uninsured/Suspended License Plate
11/5/2019Stolen bicycle
11/5/2019Attemped theft of a bicyle
11/5/2019Trespass after Notice
11/5/2019Theft from a Building
11/5/2019Drug/Narcotic Violation - Student Conduct Referral
11/5/2019Drug/Narcotic Violation - Student Conduct Referral
11/5/2019Stolen Property Offense
11/5/2019Theft from a Motor Vehicle
11/5/2019Drug/Narcotics Violations - Student Conduct Referral
11/4/2019Possession of a firearm on school property
11/4/2019Stolen bicycle
11/4/2019Assist another agency - possession of marijuana, possession of paraphernalia
11/4/2019Larceny of AirPods
11/4/2019Alarm activation
11/3/2019Possession of marijuana, possession of paraphernalia
11/3/2019Assault - student conduct referral
11/2/2019Underage possession of alcohol
11/2/2019PWID Marijuana, open container of alcohol in a vehicle, possession of a controlled substance
11/2/2019Malicious damage - student conduct referral
11/1/2019Larceny of a Scooter
10/31/2019Suspicious activity
10/31/2019Underage possession of alcohol - student conduct referral
10/31/2019Possession of Marijuana
10/29/2019Fraudulent FTC use
10/28/2019Recovered stolen vehicle
10/27/2019Malicious Damage
10/27/2019Fire Alarm Activation
10/24/2019Assist another agency
10/24/2019Suspicious person
10/24/2019Open container of alcohol in a vehicle
10/23/2019Obtaining Good by False Pretenses
10/22/2019Towed Vehicle
10/20/2019Larceny - student conduct referral
10/19/2019Public intoxication - student conduct referral
10/19/2019Underage possession of alcohol
10/19/2019Possession of marijuana
10/19/2019Trespass notice given
10/19/2019Assault - student conduct referral
10/19/2019Possession of marijuana
10/19/2019Assault - possible sexual assault
10/17/2019Traffic Stop / DUS / Operating Uninsured
10/16/2019Larceny of a bicycle
10/16/2019Larceny of a Bicycle
10/15/2019Larceny of a bicycle
10/14/2019Stolen bicycle
10/14/2019Possession of marijuana
10/12/2019Larceny, unauthorized use of a vehicle, trespass notice given
10/11/2019Possible Drug Use - Student Conduct Referral
10/2/2019Assist another agencey - recovered stolen vehicle
9/23/2019Hit and Run Property Damage
9/21/2019Larceny of a bicycle

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