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Current Crime Log (Last 30 days: February 18, 2019 - March 20, 2019)

3/18/2019Possession with intent to distribute, possession of paraphernalia
3/18/2019Unwanted communications
3/18/2019Theft from a motor vehicle
3/18/2019Assist another agency
3/18/2019Email fraud
3/16/2019Larceny of a bicycle
3/15/2019Traffic stop - DUS 3rd, failure to maintain a lane
3/15/2019Assist another agency
3/15/2019Underage possession of alcohol - student conduct referral
3/14/2019Possible drug use - student conduct referral
3/14/2019Possible drug use - student conduct referral
3/14/2019Leaving the scene of a collision
3/14/2019Assist another agency
3/13/2019Possible drug use - possession of marijuana
3/12/2019Fire alarm activation
3/11/2019Malicious damage
3/11/2019Assist another agency
3/8/2019Accumulation of trash
3/8/2019Assist another agency
3/6/2019Trespass notice given
3/6/2019Unwanted communications
3/5/2019Assist another agency
3/5/2019Overlay zone parking violation
3/4/2019Traffic stop - no brake light, possession of marijuana
3/4/2019Possible drug use - student conduct referral
3/4/2019Traffic stop - moving violation, possession of heroin, possession of paraphernalia,
3/4/2019Leaving the scene of a collision
3/4/2019Assist another agency - assault
3/4/2019Possession of marijuana
3/3/2019Possession of marijuana
3/3/2019Cooking fire - sprinkler activation, trespass notice
3/2/2019Fight, trespasser - student conduct referral
3/2/2019Trespass notice given
3/2/2019Underage possession of alcohol - student conduct referral
3/1/2019Public drunk
3/1/2019Trespass notice given
2/28/2019Possession of paraphernalia - student conduct referral
2/28/2019Assist another agency - assault
2/28/2019Harassment - student conduct referral
2/27/2019Possible drug use - student conduct referral
2/27/2019Possession of paraphernalia - student conduct referral
2/27/2019Traffic stop - trespass after notice
2/26/2019Verbal argument - student conduct referral
2/26/2019Larceny of a bicycle
2/26/2019Traffic stop - DUS, suspended license plate
2/25/2019Fire alarm activation
2/25/2019Trespass notice, assist another agency
2/25/2019Assist another agency
2/25/2019Verbal argument - student conduct referral
2/24/2019Suspicious activity
2/23/2019Missing person
2/23/2019Assist another agency
2/22/2019Public drunk
2/21/2019Parking violation
2/21/2019Traffic stop - operating uninsured, no vehicle license, possession of marijuana
2/21/2019Assist another agency
2/20/2019Vandalism - student conduct referral
2/19/2019Larceny of a bicycle
2/18/2019Student Conduct violation
2/17/2019Underage possession of alcohol
2/17/2019Traffic stop - trespass notice issued
2/16/2019Underage possession of alcohol, possession of false ID
2/16/2019Possible alcohol violation - trespass notice given
2/15/2019Traffic stop - DUS

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