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Current Crime Log (Last 30 days: January 26, 2018 - February 25, 2018)

2/23/2018Traffic stop - possession of marijuana
2/23/2018Underage possession of alcohol
2/23/2018Medical call - underage possession of alcohgol
2/23/2018Possession of a firearm on campus
2/22/2018Larceny of a bicycle
2/21/2018Intimidation - student conduct violation
2/21/2018Trespass after notice
2/20/2018Trespass notice given
2/19/2018Possession of marijuana, possession of paraphernalia
2/19/2018Property damage
2/19/2018Leaving the scene of a collision
2/19/2018Assist another agency - assault
2/19/2018Verbal argument
2/18/2018Noise complaint - underage possession of alcohol
2/18/2018Possible drug use - student conduct violation
2/17/2018Possession of paraphernalia
2/17/2018Assist another agency
2/17/2018Transfer of alcohol to an underage person
2/17/2018Public urination
2/16/2018Possession of marijuana, possession of paraphernalia
2/16/2018Possession of marijuana
2/16/2018Possession of marijuana
2/16/2018Possible drug use - possession of marijuana, trespass notice given
2/16/2018Public drunk
2/16/2018Possession of open container in public
2/15/2018Property damage
2/15/2018Larceny - student conduct violation
2/15/2018Possession of marijuana - student conduct violation
2/14/2018Possession of marijuana, possession of a controlled substance, possession of a firearm on campus, trespass notice given
2/14/2018Possible drug use
2/14/2018Trespass after notice
2/14/2018Possession of marijuana, possession of paraphernalia
2/13/2018Possession of paraphernalia
2/13/2018Verbal argument
2/13/2018Breaking and entering a motor vehicle
2/12/2018Accumulation of trash
2/12/2018Traffic stop - operating uninsured, suspended license plate
2/11/2018Parking violations - towed vehicle
2/10/2018Unlawful communication
2/10/2018Malicious damage
2/10/2018Underage possession of alcohol
2/9/2018Sexual assault
2/9/2018Sexual assault
2/8/2018Assist Another Agency
2/8/2018Possession of marijuana, underage possession of alcohol
2/8/2018Larceny, operating an uninsured vehicle, failure to register a vehicle
2/6/2018Trespass Notice
2/6/2018Suspicious activity
2/6/2018Assist another agency
2/6/2018Breaking and entering a motor vehicle, vandalism
2/5/2018Assist Another Agency
2/5/2018Possession of marijuana, underage possession of alcohol
2/5/2018FTC fraud
2/4/2018Title IX Violation
2/4/2018Possession of marijuana, underage possession of alcohol, contributing to the delinquency of a minor
2/4/2018Assault and battery
2/4/2018Criminal Sexual Conduct
2/4/2018Criminal Sexual Conduct with a minor
2/3/2018Parking violations - towed vehicle
2/3/2018DUI, open container
2/3/2018Possession of marijuana
2/3/2018Alcohol Violation
2/3/2018Possession of marijuana
2/3/2018Assist another agency
2/3/2018Sexual assault
2/3/2018Underage possession of alcohol
2/3/2018Student conduct violation
2/3/2018Pedestrian drunk
2/3/2018Traffic stop - possession of marijuana, underage possession of alcohol
2/2/2018Underage possession of alcohol
2/2/2018Underage possession of alcohol
2/1/2018Possession of marijuana
1/31/2018Leaving the scene of a collision
1/30/2018Trash fire
1/30/2018Assist another agency
1/30/2018Assist another agency
1/29/2018Traffic stop - Operating uninsured, DUS
1/28/2018Traffic stop - possession of a stolen vehicle, DUS
1/28/2018Fire alarm activation
1/27/2018Possible drug use - student conduct violation
1/27/2018Assist another agency - assault
1/27/2018Assist another agency
1/26/2018Possible drug use - possession of marijuana, possession of paraphernalia, trespass notice given
1/26/2018Fight - underage possession of alcohol, trespass notice given

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