Property Registration

Property Registration

How to register your property

Students, faculty and staff can register their personal property online by clicking here and filling out the registration form. After the property registration form is completed, a copy will be kept in the Department of Public Safety (CCU DPS) database for five years. At the end of the registration process you will also be allowed to print a copy of the information you have provided for your personal records. This service is free.



If your property is stolen, report the theft immediately to CCU DPS at 843-349-2177.

Benefits of registering your property

Registration makes it easier if you suffer a theft or loss and need the information for police and/or insurance purposes. Any property of value, which could be stolen and can be identified by a serial number, unique markings, etc., can be registered online. If you have an item that does not have a unique number you can engrave a number of your choosing, such as your driver's license and state of issue, on the item. It is advisable to take photographs of all valuables for your records.

The CCU DPS uses the information to help identify property recovered by CCU DPS or other law enforcement agencies. It will also be used to complete a police report should the victim loose his or her personal registration copy. When property is of sufficient value and has unique identifying serial numbers, the CCU DPS can enter it into the National Crime Information Center computer, thus increasing awareness and the chance of identifying recovered stolen property.

Don't be a victim of opportunity

Reducing the opportunity for criminals can help protect your property. Some steps you can take to safeguard possessions are listed below:

  • Locking windows and doors of your residence or office can significantly decrease your vulnerability to thieves. Even if you are gone for a short time, lock your residence or office to deny easy access to criminals.
  • Never prop doors open. Exterior doors and doors to individual floors are locked for your protection. Propping them open compromises your safety and the safety of everyone in the building.
  • Many crimes target vehicles in parking lots. Remove valuables from cars. If your car stereo has a removable faceplate, take it with you. Keep your car locked and windows up at all times and park in well lighted areas.
  • Be aware of who is at your door. When someone knocks, use the peephole to observe the person at your door. If you don't recognize them, obtain verifiable ID as to who they are and what they want.
  • Consider getting a small lock box to store jewelry, money and other valuables in, and store it out of sight.
  • Record serial numbers of your property. You should keep a record of property descriptions and serial numbers in a safe place. Having properly registered numbers available greatly increases the chances of recovering stolen property and returning it to its owner.
  • Never leave valuables unattended, it takes only seconds for someone to walk away with them.
  • Be alert to strangers wandering aimlessly around your office, residence hall or work area.