Staff Senate - Coastal Carolina University
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CCU Staff Senate

Responsibilities and Functions

The role of the Staff Senate at Coastal Carolina University is to study staff concerns and create a forum for the two-way communication of ideas and concerns, which specifically relate to staff members and the University mission. The Senate focuses on:

  • The development of job and supervisory skills, compensation, benefits, and welfare of staff members, not to exclude other areas of concern which are brought to the Staff Senate‚Äôs attention.
  • Formulating and recommending university-wide policies and procedures related to staff members to the University's Executive Council.
  • Communicating to all staff members existing University policies, specific actions, and feedback concerning all matters considered by the Staff Senate.

Executive Committee of the Staff Senate

President Sam Sullivan, Assistant Registrar for Registration & Curriculum Management

Vice President Sharlene Zwing, Administrative Coordinator, Enrollment Management

Parliamentarian Wendy Singleton, Administrative Assistant, Facilities Planning & Management

Secretary Ebony McCray, Accessibility & Disability Coordinator, Accessibility and Disability Services