Please be aware that Flywire is a third-party provider and that by clicking the link below you will be leaving CCU’s website.

Flywire does require students to enter personal identifiable information as part of the payment process. As such, we encourage all individuals to review their “Terms of Use” and “Privacy Policy.” CCU does not receive any transaction fees or personal information outside of what is necessary to match payments to a student account (name, originating country, student ID, transaction type, and payment amount).


  • Select the country from which funds will be coming from; the system will show you many ways you can complete the payment all of which will be shown in your home country currency and most of which will offer cost-effective exchange rates.
  • After providing some basic information, you will book the transaction and will be instructed how to send your funds through Flywire from your home country bank account. (Please note: International Credit Cards may incur a 4.25% service fee).
  • Flywire will then send the U.S. dollar amount to Coastal Carolina University, where it will be credited to your student account. You will receive an email confirmation receipt.
  • Flywire has a dedicated customer service team reachable via Chat, Skype, email and telephone to answer your questions at any time.

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