Campus Green Tours and Presentations

Do you ever wonder about how recycling and composting works on our campus? Or maybe you wish that you knew more about the construction or operations of our buildings, or where all of the beautiful plants are grown? Join Sustain Coastal for a Teal Goes Green presentation OR a stroll around campus, as we talk all things sustainability at CCU. We will discuss LEED buildings, show you how recycling and composting works on campus, talk about sustainable transportation, and much more! For more information, see the highlights of our Campus Green Tour below. 

Contact or (843) 349-2763 to schedule a Teal Goes Green classroom presentation, virtual presentation, or campus green tour today!

We also offer the Teal Goes Green presentation as part of the Don't Cancel Class program. For more information on this program, click here

CCU Campus Green Tour Highlights



On average CCU recycles over 600,000 lbs. of commingled product each year. That is a lot of bottles, cans, paper, and cardboard. CCU supports businesses that use recycled content in their products. Check out the cool bike racks as an example. These sweet racks come from Recycled Plastic Factory in Florida. Or, how about the recycling bins you use each day on campus.

LEED Buildings


Did you know that 90 percent of the occupied space in the HTC Center has access to natural light? A LEED Gold building. Also, a LEED certified building consumes 25-30% less energy compared to conventional buildings.


Compostable food at CCU diverted from landfill image  

Since starting our food waste diversion program in 2015, we have diverted nearly 500 tons of food waste from landfill through composting. With nearly 40 percent of the waste in South Carolina landfills being food waste, this is an important part of our work. Next time you are out on campus, you may notice the enhanced soil product used in the flower beds as you pass. It’s likely that it was once your leftover scrambled eggs or banana peel.



CCU Horticultural Manager, Josh Whitney, and his team of four horticulturists, work diligently year round to cultivate health and beauty on our campus. Each year over 15,000 annuals are grown and planted on the CCU campus.


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