Testing Center Policies - Coastal Carolina University
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ATC Security and Testing Policies

Additional COVID Testing Policies:

  • The ATC facility is for clients with appointments only; no walk-ins or guests/family members.

  • Face Coverings/Masks:  Coastal Carolina University and your test sponsor require everone to wear a face covering/mask that securely covers your nose and mouth at all times.  If you cannot wear a face covering/mask, you will need to apply for a testing accommodation from your test sponsor.  There are types of face coverings that are not allowed at CCU, e.g. bandanas, face shields without a mask, etc.  Feel free to call the ATC if you have questions as to whether your face covering/mask is acceptable:  843-349-4011.  Click here for a complete list of CCU COVID considerations.

  • All ATC surfaces and materials are sanitized after every use.  For your convenience, we also provide sanitizing wipes and hand sanitizer for your use.

  • The check in process has been modified according to COVID safety considerations and may take a bit longer.  Please arrive at least 30 minutes before your appointment time, be patient, and we will get your started on your test as soon as possible.

The ATC strictly adheres to the security standards of its test sponsors. While these may vary to some degree, these standards include:

  • Identification:  All testers must present a valid photo ID.  Specific ID requirements may be determined by test sponsors.  Please make sure you bring the appropriate ID or we will not be allowed to test you. Please review your sponsor’s website and/or your confirmation ticket/email for specific ID requirements.

  • Unless specifically allowed by the test sponsor, no personal items are allowed in the testing area.  Lockers are provided for personal item storage.  Prohibited personal items include: food and drink, all electronic devices, hats, jewelry, lip balm, watches, headbands, handkerchiefs, etc.  Allowable personal items, such as glasses, will be carefully inspected before entry into the testing room.  If your test allows breaks, we have a refrigerator and microwave available.  

  • All testing is monitored by proctors at all times, and may include video and audio recording. Our proctors are required to periodically walk through the testing rooms.

  • Once a test session has begun, you may not leave the ATC or access any stored personal items, except food, liquids, or medication.  Use of cell phones or other electronic devices is strictly prohibited until your test is complete.  Failure to comply may result in your exam appointment being terminated.

  • All suspected breaches of test security or cheating will be reported to the appropriate test sponsor.  CCU students must adhere at all times to the Code of Student Conduct.

  • You are asked to please be considerate of others taking tests and avoid wearing any strong perfumes or colognes.

  • Distracting behaviors, including reading or talking out loud, are not allowed in the testing room.

  • Scratch paper/pencils will be provided to you, if permitted by your exam sponsor.

The temperature in our testing rooms is set to stay in the 70-74 degree F range.  We recommend you wear layered clothing for your comfort.  Note: some test sponsors do not allow hooded garments.  Oversized or bulky outerwear may not be permitted.

If you have questions as to the policies or security procedures for your specific test, please call 843-349-4011.