FAQ - Exam Proctoring

 If your question is not listed here, please email us.

My university or testing agency requires a proctor to complete a form in advance.  Where can I submit this form?

You can email the form to academictesting@coastal.edu

How does the ATC receive the test?

All of the information about your test, and the test itself, is sent to us directly from your university or testing agency.  Once you register with us to take your test, it is YOUR responsibility to notify them that you are choosing to take your test with us.  They may need our email address, phone number, and/or shipping address.  You will find all that information on our Exam Proctoring page.

How far in advance should I register for my test?

That depends.  Our scheduling process can normally accommodate your test within a few days of your registration. However, there are a few considerations:  

  • Demand may be higher during certain times of the year.  Due to the broad spectrum of testing offered by the ATC to both the University and the local communities, appointments may be limited.  If you have limited/tight schedule availability, you may want to pay/register earlier. 
  • We cannot administer your test until your university or testing agency sends us the test and testing information.   Contact them for information on how much lead time they need.

How long after I submit my payment will I receive my email with scheduling instructions?

The time it takes for us to process your payment may vary.  If you make your payment Monday-Thursday, as a general rule, you will receive the email within one day.  If your payment is made Friday-Sunday, or while our office is closed (due to a Holiday, weather event, etc.) you will receive the email during our next business day.  Please see our hours.  If you don't receive the confirmation email, first check your spam folder, and if necessary contact the ATC.

I will be on vacation in the Myrtle Beach area when my test is due. Can I take my test at the ATC?

Yes.  Many of our testers are in our area on vacation or business.  You will need to plan ahead to make sure we have appointments available for the dates in question.  Follow the steps for Exam Proctoring.  

What should I bring with me to my appointment?

There are several things to consider here:  identification, materials allowed for you to use on the test, postage to return your test, login credentials, etc. 

  • Identification: in all cases, a photo ID is required to test, but sometimes universities and testing agencies have additional requirements.   In most cases, a valid driver's license or passport will meet the requirement if the name matches the test registration.  It is YOUR responsibility to find out what is required before you arrive.

  • Test materials: the materials allowed for your test are determined by your university or testing agency.  Check with them in advance to find out what they allow you to use.   The rules for materials allowed can be quite specific.  For example, if you think a calculator is allowed for your test, find out what type of calculator as they may limit you to basic calculators, scientific calculators, etc.  If you have any remaining questions as to what we are authorized to allow you to use for your exam, contact us before you come to the ATC.

  • Postage/envelope: most tests are uploaded electronically via the internet or email.  However, some universities require the original to be mailed back to them.  YOU are responsible for bringing the required envelope and postage with you.  If this is required and you don't bring it with you, you will not be allowed to test.

  • Login credentials: for online courses, make sure you bring your username/password/pin.   Some schools also require your student ID number.