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Visual Standards

Graphic identity is the sum of all of the visual impressions associated with the name of an organization or business. The impact of a graphic identity plan depends on consistent and continuous use of the elements of the plan, ultimately resulting in repeated impressions over an extended period of time. Familiar logos are often processed visually rather than read as words, and in some cases, become more powerful than word mark itself.

A shared graphic identity plan helps build Coastal Carolina University's stature as a place of excellence and will help us increase the quality, efficiency and cost-effectiveness of all of our communications efforts.

This section deals with basic identity elements: the wordmark, logos, typefaces, seal, and University colors that are the foundation of visual identity.

What is a Trademark?
A trademark (or mark) is any logo, image, symbol, name, nickname, letter(s), word, slogan or derivative used by an organization, company or institution to identify its goods/services and distinguish them from other entities or competitors. The Coastal Carolina University name, logos, abbreviations, affiliate trademarks, symbols, emblems and other terminology associated with the University (the “marks”) are registered and fully protected trademarks. As such, the marks must only be used for approved purposes, and cannot be modified in any way without approval.

Approved marks and trademarks:

  • University seal 
    The seal should be used only for official, presidential or ceremonial documents, or on prestigious gift items. When reproduced in color the seal should always appear in PMS 322 (teal) or PMS 875 (bronze) if printed in more than one color. Black is acceptable if color printing is unavailable. Any manipulation or alteration to the seal is strictly prohibited.
  • Coastal Carolina University name and logo
    The official Coastal Carolina University logo, combining the Atheneum symbol and typographic treatment, is preferred for most standard usages. It must be reproduced using digital files obtained from the Office of University Marketing and Communication. All commercial uses of the University logo must include the trademark indicia (™).
  • Letter combination CCU
  • University athletic logo and athletic team marks
    Athletic-related marks are used primarily by the Department of Athletics and the University’s 17 intercollegiate men’s and women’s teams. Student Affairs and various areas within the division are permitted to use the Chanticleer logo in certain circumstances on campus and on merchandise approved by the Office of University Marketing and Communication. These marks, including anything depicting the University mascot, Chauncey, are not appropriate for academic unit publications, Web sites or e-mail signatures.
  • Words Chant, Chants, Chanticleer, Chanticleers
  • Campus symbol and the word Atheneum
    The Atheneum symbol must always appear with the type as shown in the official logo, and may be used independently only in specific instances determined by the Office of University Communication.
  • 1954 Society name and logo
  • Chanticleer Gear
  • CINO (Coastal Is Number One)

The name "Coastal Carolina University," for example, is a trademark, and can be used on promotional materials or merchandise only with permission; The Atheneum and Chanticleer visual icons, and numerous other symbols and icons, are also protected trademarks.  When a product makes reference to Coastal Carolina (as the University), such reference requires approval. 

To prevent the proliferation of unauthorized versions of the logo, as well as inappropriate applications, electronic copies of the official logo are available for approved uses from the Office of University Marketing and Communication. Scanning or downloading the logo, whether using approved versions or previously printed materials, also is prohibited. Copies of the official logo are available for approved uses from the Office ofUniversity Marketing and Communication.