As part of the Multimedia Production team within  University Marketing and Communication, we produce high-quality videos that tell the stories of CCU.

Our mission is to: 

  • Tell the stories of CCU through high-quality videos. 
  • Provide video production services that increase the reputation and reach of CCU. 
  • Process other video production requests related or beneficial to CCU.

Request our services:

To make a request for our services, submit a ticket using the KACE ticket system.
Detailed instructions on how to submit a KACE ticket can be . 

Please note:

Our ability to accept a request depends on our current priorities and resources. 

All products for external or widespread internal use must be approved by University Marketing and Communication. 

Academic and administrative clients using University-appropriated funds will be charged for the cost of materials used, travel, and other related project expenses, excluding labor. Additional charges will be assessed for after-hours production services. 

VPS does not handle audio/visual equipment checkout or support.