Student Employees - Coastal Carolina University
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Meet the Student Employees 

Graduate Assistants


Name: Abigail Buchanan 

Title: Graduate Assistant

Hometown: Wrentham, Massachusetts 

Major and Minor: Public Health major (2020), Master in Business Administration – Health Care Administration  concentration (2021) 

Activities in College: Plays on the Division I Women’s Lacrosse team; worked for the LiveWell Program along with The LIFE Program; past member of the Honors College while an undergraduate. 

Dream Job: To develop an in-home health care company for elderly, sick, and/or disabled people in the community. I want to connect with those who are in need of help in my community and ensure they are getting the treatment and attention they need to either maintain or better their mental, physical, and emotional health. 

Hobbies: Cooking, working out, and spending time at the beach 

Favorite thing about CCU: There is a great student-to-teacher ratio at CCU, and the campus is beautiful!

An interesting fact about yourself: My arm is double-jointed!

Name: Ryan Fleagle

Title: Graduate Assistant

Hometown: Sicklerville, New Jersey

Major and Minor: Management, currently pursuing an MBA with a concentration in commercial and investment real estate

Activities in College: Beta Gamma Sigma, Outdoor Adventure Club, Degree in Three, Semester Abroad Spring 2019 in Mainz, Germany

Hobbies: Traveling, skiing, and fishing

Dream Job: I will continue to expand my current business venture until I reach financial independence.

Favorite thing about CCU: The size of CCU allows for a large school feel, while often times seeing familiar faces as you walk through campus.

An interesting fact about yourself: I run my own business.


Student Employees

Name: Evoni Walker

Title: Peer Adviser

Hometown: Cleveland, Ohio

Major and Minor: Entrepreneurship (Management)

Activities in College: CEO@CCU and Leadership Challenge

Dream Job: Owning my own businesses

Hobbies: Shopping, dancing, and binge-watching

Favorite thing about CCU: The atmosphere

An interesting fact about yourself: I taught my cat how to do a front flip!

Name: Josh Wooten

Title: Student Employee

Hometown: Taylorsville, North Carolina

Major: Hospitality, Resort, and Tourism Management and Marketing 

Activities in College: Senior Vice President of Delta Sigma Pi, Orientation Leader (2019-2020), Orientation Assistant (2020-2021)

Dream Job: Operator of a Chick-fil-a Franchise

Hobbies: Hiking, kayaking, and traveling 

Favorite thing about CCU: The people because they make CCU feel like home. 

Interesting Fact about Yourself: I have broken both arms and legs.