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Meet the Student Employees 

Graduate Assistants

Name: Francesco Migliano

Hometown: Montalto Uffugo, Italy

Major/Minor: MBA - (Graduated with a major in economics from CCU)

Dream Job: Worldwide touring DJ/Producer/Manager

Hobbies: Play tennis, soccer, DJing, producing electronic music and hanging out with friends

Favorite thing about CCU: The sense of community, and the possibility to meet and interact with people from all over the world.

An interesting fact about yourself: I was a member of the CCU men’s tennis team


Name: Alessandro Parisi

Hometown: Saratoga Springs, New York

Major/Minor: Accounting

Dream Job: Helping clients with tax compliance through my own CPA firm, while partnering with my brothers on providing family wealth management services to give people the freedom to live the life of their dreams.

Hobbies: I enjoy writing (almost anything), learning to cook various ethnic cuisines and charting/modeling data involving economic and financial information.

Favorite thing about CCU: Our incredible and supportive faculty!

An interesting fact about yourself: At age 16, I self-published an analytical study of the 44th President of the United States on Amazon and hope to publish an updated volume, along with similar studies on the 43rd President and others throughout my career.


Peer Advisers


Name: Emily Davis

Hometown: Westminster, Maryland

Major and Minor: Hospitality and Resort Tourism Management /Commercial and Investment Real Estate minor

Dream Job: Event Planner at Disney

Hobbies: Crafting and going to Disney

Favorite thing about CCU: The small class sizes

An interesting fact about yourself: I completed an internship at Disney during the Fall 2017 semester.



Name: Kiley Decker

Hometown: Norwell, Massachusetts

Major and Minor: Marketing/Spanish

Dream job: Marketing for an international company

Hobbies: Traveling, hiking and camping

Favorite thing about CCU: Turtle Bridge

An interesting fact about myself: Ran my first half marathon in Providence in Summer 2018.



Name: Maxwell McArdle

Hometown: Richmond, Rhode Island

Major: Accounting (CPA)

Dream Job: Hedge Fund Manager

Hobbies: Video games, reading and enjoying time with friends

Favorite thing about CCU: Small, close-knit atmosphere

An interesting fact about yourself: I currently own my own bookkeeping business, founded in February 2018.


Name: Heather Piper

Hometown: West Chester, Pennsylvania

Major: Hospitality and Resort Tourism Management

Dream Job: Event Coordinator

Hobbies: Reading, working out and watching “The Office”

Favorite thing about CCU: Amazing faculty, my sorority and the warm weather

An interesting fact about yourself: I can name all 50 states in alphabetical order



Name: Ryan Yingling

Hometown: Finksburg, Maryland

Major and Minor: Marketing and Applied Creativity and Innovation minor

Dream Job: Marketing VP of Adobe

Hobbies: Fishing, going to the beach and studying the marketing industry

Favorite thing about CCU: Location and professional faculty

An interesting fact about yourself: I’ve been to over 200 baseball games in my hometown; Camden Yards is like a second home for me.


Student Employees

Name: Rachel Brown

Hometown: Wilmington, North Carolina

Major and Minor: Finance/Pre-Law

Dream Job: Attorney that practices either tax or corporate law

Hobbies: Going to the beach, exercising, and spending time with my friends and my sorority sisters

Favorite thing about CCU: There's always so much to do on campus, like going to see a movie that is inexpensive and new, attending sporting events and going to the library, which is open 24/7. There's always a lot of people in there, so when you want to take a break, you can socialize and help each other study.

An interesting fact about yourself: I've lived in five different states 


Name: Taylor Duffy

Hometown: Berlin, New Jersey

Major/Minor: Triple Major in Hospitality Resort Tourism Management, Management (Human Resources) and Marketing

Dream Job: To have my own hospitality company that travels to lower-rated hotels to help increase their rating, similar to what Restaurant Impossible does with restaurants. 

Hobbies: Playing with dogs, watching the Steelers and watching Netflix

Favorite thing about CCU: The many campus involvement opportunities

An interesting fact about yourself: My eyes change color