Student Employees

Meet the Student Employees 


Rose Jackson

Hometown: Batesburg-Leesville, SC  
Major: Finance (Wealth Management Concentration)
Minor: Commercial and Investment Real Estate
Dream job: Wealth Manager/Business Owner/Entrepreneur
Hobbies: Cooking, going on new adventures, community service, mentoring, and listing to music
Favorite thing about CCU: The different ways to get involved and the support from the different departments on campus
An interesting fact about yourself: I used to have a pet goat



Isabella Kenerson

Hometown: Myrtle Beach, SC  
Major: Finance (Corporate Finance Concentration)
Dream job: Financial Controller
Hobbies: Traveling, reading, and baking
Favorite thing about CCU: The beautiful campus, especially Turtle Pond  
An interesting fact about yourself: I was named after Elle Woods from Legally Blonde



Shae Lovett

Hometown: Ennis, MT  
Major: Hospitality, Resort and Tourism Management (Event Planning concentration) 
Minor: Film and Production Studies
Dream job: Event planner at an outdoor concert venue
Hobbies: Playing sports, taking pictures, traveling
Favorite thing about CCU: How welcoming of a school it has been especially being so far away from home
An interesting fact about yourself: I love the TV show Friends



Alaina Williams

Hometown: Great Meadows, NJ  
Major: Management (Human Resources concentration)
Dream job: Own and operate my own café / restaurant
Hobbies: Hiking, reading, and laughing at TikToks
Favorite thing about CCU: The amount of fun things to do on campus as well as nearby  
An interesting fact about yourself: I have a 1 year old golden retriever named Monty