Campus & Refuge Monitoring

Campus & Refuge Monitoring

Coastal Carolina University’s Campus Monitoring Program has collected valuable water quality monitoring data on campus for over two decades. Our goal is to assess water quality conditions in the stormwater ditches and retention ponds on campus, all of which eventually send waters off campus towards the Waccamaw National Wildlife Refuge and the Waccamaw River. In 2022, the Campus Monitoring Program expanded to include downstream sites in and around the Waccamaw National Wildlife Refuge (WNWR).

Student Opportunities

SUST491 Course

Undergraduate students can enroll in SUST491: Waccamaw Watershed Exploration. This experiential learning course is offered in the fall and spring.

CMWS Internship

This project has supported professional experience students in the Coastal Marine and Wetland Science graduate program. Contact us to find out about current opportunities or learn more about the CMWS degree program. 

Honors Thesis & Research Experience

Looking for a project to fulfill your honors thesis or research requirements? Contact us for current undergraduate research opportunities. Recent student projects include harmful algal blooms, cyanotoxins, and eutrophication. 

Undergraduate Internships

We strive to give undergraduate students experience in water quality and community science as part of semester and summer internships. Contact us to see if we have funded or unfunded positions available.