Committee Procedures

Academic Affairs Committee


  1. Proposals must be approved by the dean 14 days prior to the Academic Affairs Committee's scheduled meeting date to be considered as agenda items. NOTE: If proposals need approval of the Core Curriculum Committee and/or the EL Committee, they must also be approved 14 days prior to the scheduled meeting date.
  2. All course and program submissions must be completed using one of the electronic systems. Proposals for new or changes to academic policies, admissions standards, etc. must be clearly stated and submitted in writing to the chair of the Academic Affairs Committee at least 14 days prior to the scheduling meeting date.
  3. A departmental representative should be at the meeting to answer any questions concerning submitted proposals. Proposals may be removed from the agenda and addressed at the following meeting if no representatives are available.
  4. Representatives are responsible for briefing their department chairs of any revisions or changes required in their proposal(s). These revisions, most are minor edits, are due one week after the Academic Affairs Committee meeting in order to meet the deadline for consideration at the next Faculty Senate meeting.
  5. Microsoft Word documents (.doc or .docx) are the preferred format for all attachments.