Ombuds Services - Coastal Carolina University
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Ombuds Services at CCU

    Sands Hall 111
    Fall and Spring semesters
    Office hours to be provided or by appointment
    Kimbel Library 216
    843-333-6957 (cell - call/text)
    843-349-6456 (office)
    Office hours to be provided or by appointment

Coastal Carolina University is currently reviewing the plan for Ombuds Services. This page will be updated with additional information once the review is complete.

Ombuds Services offered by Coastal Carolina University comprise a Faculty Ombuds Office and a Staff and Student Ombuds Office. Each ombuds office provides dispute resolution services and serves as an information and communication resource, an informal mediation resource and a source of recommendations for positive institutional change for Coastal Carolina University. Each ombuds operates as an impartial, independent, informal and confidential resource available for any CCU faculty or staff member to help facilitate options for equitable and civil resolutions to work-related questions, issues, concerns and conflicts.


The central aim of each office is to provide assistance and guidance to any faculty or staff member who voluntarily seeks aid or information for resolving work-related concerns and problems and addressing questions and issues with a commitment to treating all constituents fairly and in a manner that contributes to an improved working environment as expressed in the mission and goals of CCU.

Speaking with an ombuds will increase your awareness of alternatives available to you for resolving work-related problems. Possibilities are tailored to fit your particular circumstances while taking into account any personal concerns you may express. The ombuds works to enhance your ability to deal more effectively with situations on your own. We will listen to your concerns and help you identify options for successful resolution. The ombuds offices engages in a variety of informal conflict resolution methods and adheres to International Ombudsman Association standards of practice.