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The list below offers selected links and books that may be helpful.
Click on the Workplace link at the bottom left column for access to University Policies and Procedures. This is a secure site and requires your CCU login and then agreement to a disclaimer. You will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader to view this manual. This site also provides information about the CCU Title IX Office and provides other links to related web resources, The direct link to policies is

    Renee Smith
    Kimbel Library 210
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    Virtual and in-person meetings available.
    John Dooley
    Kimbel Library 210
    Office Hours Tue/Wed/Thurs 8:00-4:30
    Virtual and in-person meetings available.
This site is the outsourced employee assistance program resource for CCU employees that requires a login. It offers online resources and telephone assistance (1-800-822-4847) on a variety of topics, both personal and professional.
LiveWell@CCU is a campus-wide initiative that promotes the overall well-being of students, faculty and staff, connecting people to campus activities and easy-to-find resources that help everyone become healthy, engaged and more productive. This site has a link for faculty and staff resources.
The Faculty Manual undergoes revision on a regular basis. This site offers the current and past manuals listed by year. All manual revisions require approval of the Provost, President, and the Board of Trustees before they are official. This site also provides senate committee memberships and meeting times.
The University Code of Student Conduct contains standards of academic conduct and the judicial process for academic violations.

This Kimbel Library/Bryan Informations Commons website provides information about plagiarism and its detection and provides links to other sites on issues relating to plagiarism in academe. 
The Coastal Carolina University Ombuds Services offices adhere to the standards of the International Ombudsman Association. Its website provides information about the profession and its practices.
This U.S. Department of Justice website provides information about the Americans with Disabilities Act. 
This U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission website provides information about laws prohibiting job discrimination, harassment and retaliation.
This U.S. Department of Labor website provides information about the Family and Medical Leave Act. This act covers a myriad of health services, including addiction treatments.

The following books are available in the Faculty Ombuds Office in Kimbel 210. Call 843-349-2727 or email for more information. This list also includes some titles cataloged and housed in Kimbel Library; their call numbers are noted in the citations.

Ombuds Bibliography 

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