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Core Petitions

Students and advisors work together to submit core petitions: There are three types of Core Petitions:

  1. Exception to the Core Curriculum: Do you believe that a transferred course fulfils one of the core concept area but it did not populate?* (Note if you think this, do not complete a course substitution, but complete the Exception form.*)?

  2. Core Curriculum Exemption: Do you believe you met the core requirements at your previous institution but the core is not waived?

  3. Core Course Substitution: Did you attend Coastal prior to Fall 2017? You may need to complete a Core Course Substitution (this form is not used to determine if a transfer course can be used for the core*).

*If a transfer course is believed to be a substitute for another one offered at Coastal Carolina, seek Department approval using the Transfer Credit Evaluation Adjustment (TCEA) first, instead of an Exception to the Core Curriculum, as the TCEA may remedy the issue. Do not use the course substitution form.‚Äč Some language course transfers may require a course substitution or a petition. Please review the academic catalog and reach out to the director of the core..

Transfer students may have unique interactions with Core. Please review Transfer Students and the Core for more information.

Below are deadlines that need to be met in order to have your proposals reviewed by the Core Curriculum Committee. 

2023-2024 Meeting Dates and Deadlines:

Meeting Dates Core Petition Deadlines
August 18 August 4
September 15 September 1
October 20 October 6
November 17 November 3
December 15 December 1
January 19 January 5
February 16 February 2
March 15 March 1
April 26 April 12
July 10 June 26