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Core Curriculum


MISSION: The purpose of the Core Curriculum is to provide an educational experience in the liberal arts tradition that encourages and supports free inquiry, critical thinking, effective communication, and creativity. Persons educated in the liberal arts will have the opportunity to explore and cultivate an understanding of the multiple aspects of human culture and the natural world.

Upon successful completion of the core, students will develop the skills necessary to think clearly and logically, to gather and analyze information, and to express themselves effectively. As well rounded individuals, our students will possess the qualities to excel in their chosen fields of study and to live conscientious, responsible lives.


The Core Curriculum is designed to prepare students for a thoughtful and productive life by exposing them to the methods of inquiry and practice of the humanities, the sciences, and the arts. The core curriculum provides an educational foundation in the liberal arts tradition that promotes inquiry, creativity, and critical thinking. The core curriculum is divided into two areas:

  • Core Skills
  • Core Concepts

The current core curriculum was implemented in the 2017-2018 academic catalog.

Core Curriculum: Skills & Concepts
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