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Deborah Breede, PhD

Professor (retired) - Communication, Media, & Culture

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All pigs are equal, but some pigs are more equal than others.” - George Orwell


Deborah Cunningham Breede taught communication, women’s and gender studies, and graduate courses at Coastal Carolina University (CCU) in Conway, South Carolina. Dr. Breede was the founding coordinator for graduate programming in the Department of Communication, Media, & Culture and four-time recipient of the Edwards College of Humanities and Fine Arts’ Outstanding Teaching Award, which is given to faculty who receive outstanding teaching evaluations from their students. Her primary research, teaching, and service interests focus on the formation, development, maintenance, and challenges of community within a variety of contexts - including interpersonal and familial relationships, educational and community collaborations, and other sites of community building.


  • Ph.D., Communication, University of South Florida (2005)
  • M.A., Communication, Florida Atlantic University (1999)
  • B.S., Education (concentrations in English, Speech, Journalism, Drama), Old Dominion University (1980)

Interesting Facts

  • 2019 Coastal Carolina Athletics. Honorary Guest Coach.
  • 2018-2019 NCAA Sunbelt Athletic Conference Faculty Member(s) of the Year Award. NCAA Athletics.
  • 2018-2019 Student-Athlete Faculty Member of the Year as voted upon by CCU student-athletes
  • 2010-2011 Patricia Singleton Young Award for Outstanding Student Advocacy awarded by CCU Office of Student Activities and Leadership
  • 2009-2010 ZONTA Gold Star Award awarded by ZONTA International
  • 2008-2009 Dwight L. Freshley Outstanding New Teacher Award awarded by the Southern States Communication Association
  • 2007-2008 Distinguished Advisor of the Year Award awarded by CCU Office of Student Activities and Leadership

Selected Publications

  • Davis, C. S., & Breede, D. C. (2019). Living through death: Communication at end of life. Routledge.
  • Breede, D. C., & Davis, C. S. (2018). Holistic ethnography. In J. Matthes (Ed.), International Encyclopedia of Communication Research Methods. University of Vienna.
  • Breede, D. C. (2018). Feminist research methods. In J. Matthes (Ed.), International Encyclopedia of Communication Research Methods.  University of Vienna.
  • Breede, D. C. (2018). Communication activism. In J. Matthes (Ed.),International Encyclopedia of Communication Research Methods. University of Vienna.
  • Purnell, D., & Breede, D. C., (2018). Traveling the third place: Conferences as third places. Space and Culture, 21(4), 512-523.
  • Erdely, J. L., & Breede, D. C. (2017). Tales from the tailgate: Identity and spatial transformations during musical pilgrimage. Journal of Fandom Studies, 5(1), 43-62.
  • Breede, D. C., Davis, C. S., & Warren-Findlow, J. (2016). Absence, revision, and the other: Rhetorics of South Carolina antebellum tourism sites. Journal of Hate Studies, 13(1), 17-42.
  • Davis, C. S., & Breede, D. C. (2015). Holistic ethnography: Embodiment, emotion, contemplation, and dialogue in ethnographic fieldwork. Journal of Contemplative Inquiry, 1(2), 977-99l.
  • Breede, D. C., & Houbion, B. (2014). The twinning of advocacy and activism. Available at:  http://youtube/CY6kVL9uaE4. ZONTA International.
  • Breede, D C. (2013). Performing and analyzing gendered nonverbal communication. In E. Ribarsky & M. Murphy (Eds.), Gender matters: Activities for teaching about gender and sexuality (pgs. 185-191). Rowman & Littlefield.
  • Breede, D. C. (2013). ReMembering mother: Reconstituting voice and identity through narrative with Alzheimer’s patients. The Journal of Loss and Trauma, 18(5), 461-471. 
  • Breede, D. C. (2012). Negotiating dialectics in a communication activism collaboration. Qualitative Communication Research, 1(4), 405-432.
  • Breede, D. C. (2012). The Experimental Music Project:  A tribute to Bud Goodall. In de la Garza, S. A., Krizek, R. L., & Trujillo, N. (Eds.), Celebrating Bud: A Festschrift honoring the life and work of H. L. “Bud” Goodall, Jr. (pgs. 65-69). Tempe, AZ: Innovative Inquiry.
  • Breede, D. C., & Willis, M. (2019). Mentoring as applied communication education. Carolinas Communication Annual, VOL. XXV, 76-97. 

Program Affiliations

  • Women’s and Gender Studies
  • Graduate Studies

Research Areas

  • The formation and maintenance and community in a variety of contexts
  • Family
  • Education
  • Activism and advocacy
  • Death and dying
  • Tourism