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Tuesdays/Thursdays 9:00 - 10:30am
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There is no place that does not have its elsewhere.” - Édouard Glissant


Amira Hanafi is a poet and artist whose works have been shown online and in offline exhibitions around the world. She creates systems, games, and interactive digital works to bring different voices and characters into conversation with each other. She is the author of the books Forgery and Minced English, a number of limited edition artist’s books, and several works of electronic literature. Her transdisciplinary project, A dictionary of the revolution, won Denmark's Public Library Prize for Electronic Literature, the New Media Writing Prize, and an Artraker Award. Amira is also a teacher, cultural organizer, and co-founder of Bashkatib, an organization that trains and supports teenagers who run media outlets in their communities in Egypt and Tunisia.