Facilities - Coastal Carolina University
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The Foundations program has a dedicated classroom and studio space for lecture and practice. Contained within that classroom is a dedicated space for critiqe that is 8' x 24'.

Art History

The Art History program has two dedicated lecture halls fully equipped with state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment.

Art History classrooms are equipped with digital projectors, a document camera, and complete A/V set-up, including DVD/VHS players and stereo sound. Another classroom, shared with the Department of Theatre, features a new lab of ten Dell 3-D computer modeling workstations used by students to recreate ancient architectural structures digitally in three-dimensions. Art History faculty and students have access to flatbed and slide scanners, large format color printers, as well as online research and image-procuring resources such as ArtStor, Art Index, and J-Store.


The Ceramics program has a large dedicated studio space that includes many work surfaces, six motorized wheels and four traditional wheels for "throwing" pots, three kilns, a glaze room, and plenty of storage/drying shelves.

The ceramics facility features three distinct work spaces within the Humanities and Fine Arts building, and a separate storage facility located in the art wing courtyard. The kiln room is stocked with three electric kilns (Cress B27H, Cress FX 27P, and Skutt with computerized KilnMaster Controls), Enviro vents, a compressor, a grinder, a ventilating/exhaust fan (inbuilt), and a pyrometer. It also contains several rolling carts for storage and transport, and sundry wooden work tables. The glaze room has an Alpine spray booth with an external exhaust system and an internal compressor system with spray bottle hookup.

This space also has storage and work tables, shelving, and a double sink. The ceramics studio space contains four kick wheels, two Pacifica GT 400 electric wheels, one Pacifica CT400 personal electric wheel, one new Bailey electric wheel with work shelf, one new Shimp VL whisper electric wheel, one Shimpo RK-2 electric wheel, one Brent Slab Roller with attached extruder system, one Northstar Slab Roller, two Giffin Grips, and an eye wash station.


Students enrolled in courses like Drawing and Fundamentals of Art have a lot of space in which to work with live models, wet and dry media, and power tools.

Drawing is taught in two classrooms: one dedicated to lower level drawing classes and one shared with painting and used for life drawing classes. In both spaces, there are easels and flat files for storage. There is a rolling projector cart available for multimedia presentations.

Three-dimensional design has a dedicated space equipped with heavy duty wood-working equipment such as a table saw, a radial arm saw, a band saw, a drill press, a belt sander, and a dust collection system, as well as seating and work area for 20, a double sink and adequate shelving and storage.

Graphic Design

The Graphic Design program has a combined Macintosh lab/traditional studio space equipped with 20+ iMacs, black and white and color laser printers, a color projector for viewing digital work and lecturing, and 20 drafting tables. A second Mac lab has 15 iMacs and a projector. All labs are stocked with the full suite of Adobe software.

The Graphic Design studios, one a combined computer and desk studio and one a computer lab which is shared with Photography, are equipped with 21 2008 model iMac computer workstations, all of which run the latest Adobe Creative Suite Premium software (including Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver, Flash, and Acrobat). All computers have access to the internet and art student server storage space through an Apple Airport wireless network, which students who bring in personal laptop computers may also access.

There is an installed overhead projector and five scanners, including one that can scan source material up to 11 x 17. There are five printers: one HP large format color plotter (up to 36 wide and 9 long), one 2400 dpi Xerox color printer (up to 11 x 17), one black-and-white HP laser printer (up to 11 x 17), and two 8.5 x11 HP black-and-white-printers. We also offer, in the same dedicated studio/lab workspace, 20 drafting desks, two large dry-erase boards, a light table, and a full wall bulletin board for critiques. There is a flat file for storing student work, as well as shelving and cabinets.


The Painting program enjoys a large studio, sinks, easels, drying racks, personal supply carts, and various lighting options, including perimeter spots, central spots, and natural light from an adjacent courtyard.

The painting studio has access to 37 upright studio easels, two modeling stands, 13 portable easels, 19 sit-down cubicle easels, 18 taborets, and adequate storage in the form of cabinets, shelves, and flat files.


Photography has a classroom with adjoining dedicated darkroom. It also has a digital photo lab equipped with iMacs and large format photo printers.

Photography has both a classroom and attached darkroom containing three sinks (two in the darkroom and one with silver recovery), 20 enlargers, a 24 dry-mount press, 20 easels, film-dryers, related darkroom tools and items, a whiteboard, a projection screen with access to a multimedia rolling cart, and cabinet-based storage.


The printmaking studio is equipped with drafting tables, "wet media" work surfaces, and several presses.

The printmaking studio is equipped with a 62 x 39.5 Takach etching press, a Laguna 26 x 48 etching press, a Takach-Garfield 25 x 44 lithography press, a large Theimer vacuum platemaker exposure unit, and a platecutter. There are also flat files for print and supply storage.