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Visual Arts Degree Programs

Art History

Bachelor of Arts

Beginning with foundational art and art history classes, the art history program provides its students with in-depth explorations into the visual and material cultures of past and present civilizations. The program promotes visual literacy expressed through research, vibrant discussions, and critical writing. Further, the global approach to the degree and the interdisciplinary nature of art history will prepare graduates for a variety of culturally rich career paths or graduate school. 

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Art Studio

Bachelor of Arts

You love art. You love making art, working with your hands, making personal or social statements with paint, clay, ink, a camera. You're looking for a program where you can explore many media and choose a focus, culminating with the production of a body of work exhibited in our beautiful gallery space and preparing you to enter the art world or graduate school. This program is it. Students of this program have the ability to craft Art Studio degree tracks in Ceramics, Drawing, Painting, Photography, Printmaking, Sculpture, or a combination multiple interests.

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Graphic Design

Bachelor of Arts

Our graphic design students are thinkers, seekers, problem-solvers, and makers. We emphasize the ability to research, think and create using the technology and tools of the field and the principles and styles of visual communication as a whole. Students study typography, print design, advertising, graphic design history, and web design while choosing from electives that include illustration, motion graphics for the web, 3-D computer modeling, packaging, publications and more.

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