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Wall $treet Living Learning Community

Do you want to be a business major? Do you want to live amongst students who will have similar career aspirations and workloads? If so, apply to the Wall $treet Living Learning Community!

  1. Why do you want to be a part of the Wall $treet Living Learning Community?
  2. How would participation in the Wall $treet Living Learning Community enhance your experience in your major and at CCU?
  3. What experiences have you had to prepare you to be a potential leader in the Wall $treet Living Learning Community?

The first year of college is an exciting time for reasons too many to count however it can also be challenging. From being on your own for the first time and making new friends to the stress of being in an unfamiliar environment, your first year at college can be equally as frustrating. Living Learning Communities (LLCs) were created and implemented at colleges and universities around the world to decrease some of these frustrations by grouping students with similar academic majors and interests in a residence-hall environment for the purpose of fostering friendships and camaraderie. Students who are members of LLCs receive perks, and according to certain studies, perform better academically than students who are not. 

If you are interested in applying for the Wall $treet LLC, fill out a housing application at https://www.coastal.edu/housing/applyforhousing/. When filling out a housing application, check 'Yes' when asked if interested in Special Interest Housing. 

Please read the following sections on expectations and benefits specific to the Wall $treet LLC for more information. 


  1. Join UNIV*110B W$LLC cohort for fall semester.
  2. Participate in a minimum of three (3) Wall $treet LLC exclusive professional development activities (PDAs) per semester.
  3. Participate in community service programs with Wall $treet LLC.
  4. Attend at least one off-campus excursion with the Wall $treet LLC.


Specific benefits of being a member of the Wall $treet LLC are as follows:

  1. Eligibility for a $1,000 leadership development scholarship
  2. Networking opportunities
  3. Local trip (company visit, learn about business, and have fun)
  4. Exclusive PDAs (Wall Street LLC only and offered in Tradition Hall)
  5. Live in Tradition Hall – P.O.D. Market (convenience store) and full kitchen available to students are both located in Tradition Hall

General benefits of being a member of an LLC are as follows: 

  1. Live with more engaged students with whom you share commonalities
  2. Research has linked Living Learning Communities to improvement of the following:
    • Academic achievement
    • Campus involvement
    • Motivation
    • Intellectual development
    • Retention
Contact Information

Jacob A. Voegel, Ph.D.
Faculty Adviser, Wall $treet Living Learning Community  
Associate Professor of Management and Decision Sciences
jvoegel@coastal.edu  |  843-349-6401