E. Craig Wall Sr. College of Business Administration

A resume is the first opportunity to present your talents and experiences to a potential employer.  Get started writing your resume by reviewing the department samples.  

Career Services has resources to help you create the perfect cover letter and resume.  Visit our Resume and Cover Letter Tips page where you will find a resume worksheet, resume checklist, and cover letter sample to help you plan.

Additional tips to consider: 

  • Clarify the value you bring to the employer by including results, achievements and accomplishments, not just job duties.
  • Use action-oriented bullets and vary your action verbs.
  • Readability, spelling, punctuation, and word spacing count in making a good impression; consistency is key.
  • Length is important - try to keep it to one page.
  • Consider running your resume through Quinncia AI to see how it can be further improved.
  • Resume samples and templates are just a guide - feel free to make it your own!

Career Services is here to assist you with your resume! Come by or schedule an appointment!

Resume Samples by Department

Economics Accounting
HRTM Management
Marketing Finance