Alice Cetinkaya

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Name: Alice Cetinkaya

Hometown: Brooklyn, N.Y.

Year in School: Junior

Major: Art Studio

Minor: Psychology


 Alice is from Brooklyn, N.Y.

Alice's Video

Alice Cetinkaya characterizes moving from New York City to Conway as a “very difficult adjustment.” However, she makes it a point to note that the big move has been “definitely worth it in the end.” A junior art studio major, Alice has flourished in her academic program, giving special attention to a certain discipline.

“I am drawn to sculpture because of how expressive it is and because of how hands on it is,” Alice explains about her favorite artistic outlet. “Being able to express yourself with different mediums definitely shows character.”

Since arriving on campus, Alice has “sculpted” a Coastal Carolina experience based on the outdoors. She is a member of the Outdoor Adventure Club, a student organization that allows her to camp, hike and engage in community service such as beach clean ups. Successfully adjusting to a pace of life different from what she was used to and taking it upon herself to follow her interests has helped Alice “grow as a person.”

An avid traveler, Alice has visited so many places around the globe that we don’t have the space to list them in this feature. Calling herself “adventurous,” she prefers to travel alone. Upon graduating, she hopes to do more of the same.

“I see myself continuing to travel all over the world. It would be ideal to explore the world and discover myself even more.”

After this semester wraps up, Alice will have her senior year to enjoy. Perhaps her final year as a Chanticleer will lead to some self-discovery as well.


Alice's favorite thing to do is to travel.
Alice enjoys sculpture.

Q&A with Alice

Favorite professor: Jim Arendt

Favorite class: Sculpture

Favorite aspect of Coastal?: The community

Favorite aspect of living in the Conway/Myrtle Beach area?: The beach/weather

Clubs/Intramurals/other extracurricular activities involved in?: Outdoor Adventure Club

Plans after graduation?:  Travel                

What are your hobbies?: Hiking, traveling, painting

Bonus Info: It was a huge culture shock when coming from NYC to Conway, South Carolina. At first, I had trouble adjusting to the environment but after a while I realized that the community I have down here has helped me get out, explore, and realize you can find happiness no matter where you end up.