Ilse Sinnige

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Name: Ilse Sinnige

Hometown: Groningen, Netherlands

Year in School: Freshman

Major: Exercise and Sport Science


                                Ilse is from the Netherlands.

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I came to Coastal for a couple different reasons. First, the weather is really nice! But the main reason why I came is because of my volleyball coach, Jozsef Forman. A lot of coaches talk about only wanting to win a championship no matter what. However, he says it doesn’t matter to him if we win a championship, what matters to him is that we work hard and try to do our best. That attitude is what made me decide to come to Coastal.

Ilse is a freshman

Meet Ilse

Favorite professor: Kimberly Baker

Favorite class: Lifetime Fitness – This is course is related to my major and it is all about movement, muscles and food––subjects that I am interested in!

Favorite trait of #CCU: The beauty! Especially the walk through the TD Sports Complex to Springs Brooks Stadium, it is beautiful.

Favorite Netflix series: 13 Reasons Why and Money Heist

Item you would bring to a deserted island: Pictures of my family.

Dream job: To be a physical therapist for a sports team.

Favorite American food: Pancakes

Motivating factor in life: My family. I know they always watch my games online and I just want to make them proud and show them how much I am enjoying it here.

Ilse is a freshman.