Jake Sarver

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Name: Jake Sarver

Year: Junior

Hometown: Omaha, Nebraska

Major: Finance

Concentration: Banking


 Jake is a Wall Fellow.

Jake's Video

Jake Sarver chose the right area of study. The junior finance student from Omaha, Neb., is thriving in his classes, earning internships and even working at a major investment bank. Best of all, Jake doesn’t do finance just because he is incredibly talented at it, he does it because he loves it.

“I enjoy finance. I have always loved numbers and I have always loved businesses,” Jake says. “I love the aspect of creating something, creating value, creating a service – and being able to be proud of what you do.”

Would you expect anything less from a Wall Fellow?

Set on attending college far away from home, Jake chose Coastal because he heard good things about the University and had his interest piqued when he watched Chanticleer athletic teams compete. He arrived on campus and immediately became involved. Not only is he a Wall Fellow but he is the president of the Kappa Sigma CCU chapter and an avid participant in intramural sports.

“I have had the opportunity to grow and develop as a person, much more than I thought I would, and I have Coastal to thank for that,’ Jake reflects.

Jake’s perfect scenario upon graduating from Coastal is to move to Chicago and land a fulltime job at an investment bank. He makes no qualms about it, he welcomes the lifestyle that comes with a job in the financial world.

“I like the long hours, the hard work – and being awarded for it,” Jake says.

It goes without saying that Jake is determined to reach his goals. With the resume he has already built and the opportunities that still await him at Coastal, he is going to be one hot prospect once he graduates.

Jake is from Omaha, Nebraska.
Jake is a junior.

Q&A with Jake

How did you hear about Coastal?: I heard about Coastal through some friends and by watching Chant athletic events. Also, I originally came for the Intelligence and National Security major but switched to Finance.

Why did you come to Coastal?: I came to Coastal because I wanted to move away from home and be on my own. Also, I love the beach so that was a plus.

Favorite professor: Matthew Whitledge, Ph.D.

Favorite class: Corporate Finance

Favorite aspect of Coastal?: My favorite aspect of Coastal is seeing all my friends on campus and each one open for a conversation.

Favorite aspect of living in the Conway/Myrtle Beach area?: You can always find someone who is willing to go to the beach.

Clubs/Intramurals/other extracurricular activities involved in?: President of Kappa Sigma Fraternity, Wall Fellow, avid intramural softball and flag football player

Do you work anywhere currently (either on or off campus)?: I work at Bank of America Merrill Lynch and I have an internship as an investment banking summer analyst at Bridgepoint Merchant Banking in Omaha

Plans after graduation?: After graduation I want to be an investment banking analyst and work my way up in positions.

What are your hobbies?: My hobbies include playing with my dog, Bourbon. Also, you probably find me on my phone at most times (not sure if that is a hobby though).

Do you have any hidden talents?: I can wiggle my ears.

Bonus Info: I love to travel!