Khyle Mingo

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Name: Khyle Mingo                                                                                       

Hometown:  Milford, Conn.

Year in School: Junior                                                    

Major: Public Health

Personal Social Media Handle: @khylemingo


                                Khyle enjoys supporting the Special Olympics

Khyle's Video

Hi, my name is Khyle Mingo! I first saw Coastal’s campus when I visited my friend, Michael. He filled me in on some details about the University and also told me about the CCU club rugby team and that I would be a good fit. Coastal for me is a school big enough to have every type of personality but not too big to a point that it is overwhelming.

What has kept me at Coastal is that it continues to build in my heart, with the support to be great and to be a leader. The school has done a lot for me in many different respects. In the classroom it has involved me with the National Honor Society and a few honor fraternities. On the field, the CCU club rugby team has made the biggest impact as it is a family within the school. Playing on the team has landed me offers from semi pro teams, International college teams and even blessed me with being able to chase my dream to play on the United States Olympic team.

Khyle is from Milford, Conn.

Meet Khyle

Favorite person on campus: The Student Union manager and my boss, Chris Adrian

Favorite class: Public Health 320: Nutrition

Campus Involvement (organizations, activities, etc.): Rugby (treasure), SGA (vice president), student worker (Lib Jackson Student Union - manager)

Favorite trait of #CCU: The growth.

Favorite Netflix series: Arrow or Flash

Favorite charitable cause: Special Olympics

Item you would bring to a deserted island: A lot of food

Dream job:  CEO of a hospital    

Favorite Southern food: Mac and cheese

Motivating factor in life:  Never wanting to be outworked.

Favorite quote: “Run the race.”

Bonus Info: I am attempting to play for the United States Olympic rugby team.

Khyle is from Milford, Conn.