Rebecca Roberts

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Name:  Rebecca Roberts                                            

Hometown: Conway, S.C. (by way of Lebanon, N.H.)

Year in School: Senior                                   

Major: Interdisciplinary Studies


Rebecca moved to Conway from New Hampshire.

Rebecca's Video

When you drive 11,000 miles by yourself, you have time to think. In the summer of 2015, Rebecca Roberts embarked on a solo tour of 10 national parks, an adventure that took her through 38 different states. During her odyssey, it occurred to Rebecca that the time was right to head back to school. However, she wasn’t going to enroll at any random university. Rather, she needed an institution that would cater to her specific academic interests and career goals.

The interdisciplinary studies major at CCU proved to be exactly what Rebecca was seeking. Knowing she needed an academic plan that offered her the opportunity to take a diverse range of classes, the program allowed Rebecca to build her own individualized and integrated course of action. With the goal to become an actuary, Rebecca was able to study the concept of risk with a “pinpoint focus” as she took classes ranging in disciplines from finance to math to statistics to business. Aware that many other institutions don’t allow as much flexibility, Rebecca knows the experience she has received at CCU is unique.

“Coastal has given me a lot of opportunities I don’t think I would have had at other schools,” Rebecca explains.

These opportunities go beyond the classroom. Rebecca worked for CHANT411, working diligently to answer the most pressing questions on campus. She also involved herself with causes and beliefs important to her, serving as the treasurer for Students Advocating Gender Equality and joining the College Democrats.

Rebecca will graduate today. However, she has done more than just prepare to walk across the stage over the past couple weeks. She is in the thick of interviewing with various insurance companies for positions within their actuarial departments. Hopefully, the right fit will present itself soon.

Even though she is busy with commencement and the start of her career, Rebecca had time to share some advice with CCU freshmen. She encourages new students to step outside of their comfort zone and “be an active participant” on campus. We appreciate Rebecca heeding her own advice and becoming a fully engaged member of #TEALnation during her time at CCU. We are sure glad that after her epic road trip across the country, all signs ended up pointing to Conway.


Rebecca would like to work for an insurance company in its actuarial department when she graduates.
Rebecca has visited 40 states in the nation.

Q&A with Rebecca

How did you hear about Coastal?: My dad works for the school, so I was a part of the CCU family before I even enrolled!

Why did you come to Coastal?: Initially, it seemed like the easiest and quickest way to finish my degree. I liked the interdisciplinary studies program, and the fact that South Carolina is warm and near the beach, as I was living in New Hampshire at the time.

Favorite professor: Lindsey Bell, Ph.D.

Favorite class: Probably STAT 412, Statistical Inference I.

Favorite aspect of Coastal?: The size of the campus. It’s big enough that you can find your niche, but I still see people I know and say hi to whenever I walk across campus.

Favorite aspect of living in the Conway/Myrtle Beach area?: Definitely the weather! No more trudging through the snow in sub-zero temperatures for me!

Clubs/Intramurals/other extracurricular activities involved in?: I am the treasurer for Students Advocating Gender Equality, and a member of College Democrats and the Pi Mu Epsilon and Omicron Delta Kappa honors societies.

Do you work anywhere currently (either on or off campus)?: I currently work for CHANT411!

Plans after graduation?: I am currently applying and interviewing with some insurance companies to work in their actuarial departments.

What are your hobbies?: I love music! I play guitar and did musical theatre throughout high school and at my first college. I like to knit and travel, which I joke makes me sound like an old lady.

Do you have any hidden talents?: Sometimes I do prime factorizations of big numbers in my head when I’m bored.

Bonus Info: I have been to 40 states, and hope to make it an even 50 by the time I’m 30.