Alumni Spotlight

Shane Wines

Class of 2013 (B.S.)

I graduated in May of 2013 with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Coastal Carolina University. In my 4 years at CCU, I was an assistant and tutor in the computer science department. When I started at CCU, I knew I enjoyed working on computers, but I didn’t realize in four years how much passion I would have for the many fields in computer science. My two favorite classes were Digital Forensics and Data Communication Systems & Network. I’ve always been a hands-on learner and these activities made me realize I wanted to do something different with computer science when I graduated. After graduating from CCU, I received my Masters of Education and Leadership from Notre Dame of Maryland University.

              For the past four years, I have been a high school computer science teacher. When I was hired, my school was not offering CS. I went from two sections of computer science during my first year to now seven. My vision has always been that computer science should be about problem solving, persistence, creativity, communication, and collaboration with others.

We have a four-year, four-course CS pathway. Our first class, Foundations of CS, focuses on problem-solving, web development, animation and game development with JavaScript, intro app development, data, and robotics. The second class, AP Computer Science Principles, focuses on the internet, digital information, algorithms and programming, big data and privacy, and building apps. The third class is a half year of an intro to Java and the other half of the year using MIT app inventor and Android studio’s creating Android apps. The final class is APCSA focusing a full year on the programming language Java.

              I believe that all students should have the opportunity to learn computer science. I evaluate the efficacy of my teaching practices by always having an open dialog with my students. I believe it’s important to start with building trust with my students. I want them to see the joy, creativity, fun, and problem solving that comes with CS. I was part of the design team that wrote the K-12 Maryland standards for computer science. I’m also a national facilitator for an organization broadening the reach for all students to have the opportunity to learn CS. Right now, I have helped establish a committee that has started talks with bringing CS, k-12 in my county’s school system.

I established our first Girls Who Code club in my county and my members have been creating for the past 4 years. We’ve competed in Maryland Governor's app challenge, hosted family coding nights with over 100 families coming out, participated in our local science and engineering expo hosting over 20 coding activities to over 1500 people, competed in Girlsgocyber, and have attended field trips meeting women in different STEM fields. They currently have two community impact projects they're working on. A virtual reality tour of the school programming in JavaScript & and a Girls age 9-11 one-week Summer Coding Camp.

I have recently decided to challenge myself with expanding my reach as an adjunct college professor teaching an intro python course. We’re in talks about creating a Girls Who Code club at the college level.

Much of my teaching practices are thanks to the college professors I had a Coastal Carolina University. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing how to teach CS through many different lenses.