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Student Emergency Notification

Student Emergency Notification Request 

Students may find themselves missing classes due to different circumstances. The Student Emergency Notification process is designed to serve as a resource and central point of contact for students who need to have their professors notified of their absences in emergency situations.

Students are responsible for contacting each of their faculty members regarding their absence from class. However, the Dean of Students Office will notify faculty regarding a student's absence due to hospitalization, death in the family or other uncontrollable emergencies.

This notification serves as a courtesy notice and not a verification of their absence. If a faculty member requires justification, it is their choice to request that from the student. The student will be advised to contact faculty regarding missed classes and course expectations.

Emergency Student Absence Information

(Absences caused by student's serious illness, hospitalization, or death or serious illness of close family member which threaten the student's academic progress)

When a student misses class for legitimate reasons/emergency situations and when the absence from classes is likely to be for an extended period, students may contact the Dean of Students Office in person, by phone or by completing the Student Emergency Notification Request Form. If the student is physically unable to contact the office, a family member may submit the notification request. The Dean of Students Office will ask for the student's:

  • Name
  • Student ID
  • Telephone number
  • Email address
  • Dates/anticipated duration of absence
  • Reason for absences (e.g., illness, hospitalization, etc.)

Once information has been obtained regarding a student's absence, the Dean of Students Office will notify the student's instructors as requested. Notification of the absence will be sent by e-mail to the student and the instructors will be copied. Notification of absences by the Dean of Students Office does not excuse students from classes and/or course requirements; instructors' absence policies prevail. Students are also responsible for following up with their individual faculty members as soon as they are able to discuss possible arrangements for completing academic course requirements and assignments missed during absence.