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Beacon, the early alert system, is a tool used by Coastal Carolina University to keep faculty and staff connected to each student’s academic success. Your instructor may submit an early alert if that instructor is concerned about your attendance, academic performance, or general well-being.

If you receive an early alert, this means that your instructor cares about you and wants you to succeed. Take advantage of this opportunity to have open and honest discussions with your instructor, your advisor, or any other campus member.

Does an early alert mean that I am failing the course?

Receiving an early alert does not necessarily mean that you are failing a course; however, it does indicate that your instructor may have concerns about your progress. The first step is to speak with your instructor about why you received an alert and to discuss your current standing in the course. The next step will be to take advantage of campus resources! Below are just a few of the campus resources that are available to you, at any time.


For more information, please contact Frankie Weeks, Director of University Advising, at