9. Get Involved Post-Return

Academic Credits from Abroad

Now that you have returned from your study abroad experience, welcome back! If your program involved transfer credit your transcript should be sent to the Center for Global Engagement.  Credit will be transferred based on how it was pre-approved. Check with your college and departmental advisor for more information on ensuring that your credit is transferred properly into your CCU degree program (as shown on Progress Report (available through MyCCU).

Get Involved


Annual Photo Contest

Every fall the Center for Global Engagement hosts a photo contest.  Please find details of the Fall 2023 Contest coming soon.


Meet International Students

The Center for Global Engagement has multiple ways for you to get involved with international students on campus.  These are the top 3:

Resources for Re-Entry

Here are some great resources we have found to help you process your experience abroad and cope with the challenges of re-entry:



Movies/TV Shows

  • L’Auberge Espagnole is a movie about a French student studying abroad for a year in Spain. The film shows us a range of his experiences —  preparing to study abroad, the joys and challenges of adjusting to a new culture, and his conflicted feelings about returning home.
  • Welcome to Sweden is a tv series about a New York City accountant who moves to Sweden after getting married.
  • Emily in Paris is a tv series about a young American woman who is sent to work in a marketing firm in Paris to provide an American business perspective.