Active Shooter/Armed Aggressor

If you are taken hostage:

  1. Be patient. Time is on your side. Avoid drastic action.

  2. The initial 45 minutes are the most dangerous. Follow instructions and be alert. The captor may be emotionally unbalanced. Do not take actions which could be hazardous to your well-being.

  3. Do not speak unless you are spoken to and then, only when necessary. Do not talk down to the captor who may be in an agitated state. Avoid appearing hostile. Maintain eye contact with the captor at all times if possible, but do not stare. Treat the captor like royalty.

  4. Try to relax. Avoid speculation. Comply with instructions as best as you can. Avoid arguments. Expect the unexpected.

  5. Be observant. The personal safety of others may depend on your memory.

  6. Be prepared to answer questions by law enforcement officials. Be patient, wait. Attempt to establish rapport with the captor. If medications, first aid or restroom privileges are needed by anyone, say so. The captors, in all probability, do not want to harm persons held by them. Such direct action further implicates the captor in additional offenses.