Active Shooter/Armed Aggressor

When there is an active shooter in a campus building:

In the event that an active shooter in a campus building is actively causing harm or threatening imminent deadly harm to people, you must immediately “Secure-in-Place” or seek cover and call Public Safety at 843-349-2911. Give as many details as possible: your name, location, number of assailants and other pertinent information.

  1. Do not sound the fire alarm to evacuate the building. Individuals may be placed in harm's way when they are attempting to evacuate the building.

  2. Be aware of all exits and if safe, flee to a safe area.

  3. If evacuation is not safe, persons should "Secure-in-Place" as described in the Secure-in-Place procedure. Persons should lock themselves in classrooms, residence hall rooms and offices as a means of protection. If the door will not lock, try barricading the door with desks and chairs. Lie on the floor and/or under desk, (spread out, do not huddle in a group) turn off lights and remain silent. Develop an idea of how to respond if the shooter enters your area.

  4. Persons should stay low, away from windows and barricade or lock their door(s) if possible and use furniture or desks as cover.

  5. If possible, close blinds of any windows or openings that have a direct line of sight into the hallway.
  6. When you encounter Public Safety (Police), keep your hands empty and in plain view at all times. If you are evacuating, carry nothing that could be mistaken as a weapon.