Emergency Notification

Emergency Notification

‌Coastal Carolina University considers safety to be paramount. To ensure that all students, faculty, staff and visitors are notified of emergency situations or conditions that could disrupt campus activities, the University employs an integrated solution that utilizes multiple, overlapping technologies. This system is referred to as The Emergency Notification System and will be used to communicate time-sensitive information during an emergency. The nature of the situations or conditions will determine which of the following methods will be employed to alert the University community:

mns speakersOutdoor Mass Notification System

Coastal Carolina University uses an outdoor mass notification system (MNS) to alert students, faculty, staff and visitors if a situation exists that poses an immediate risk or threat to life safety. The CCU Department of Public Safety Communication Center issues notifications through the central control unit and monitors all devices 24/7. The high-powered speakers broadcast tones and intelligible voice messages providing instructions for the University community to take action. Learn more »

CCU Alert

alert - CCU Alert‌CCU Alert is a notification system where the University can send urgent information regarding emergencies via text messaging (including weather cancellations and delays) instantly and simultaneously to all registered mobile phones. In addition, a "pop up" alert will notify students who use Google, Yahoo or AOL home pages. Also, students may enter a mobile phone number and/or email address for a parent or family member so that they will receive the same CCU Alert message as the student in the event of an emergency. To sign up, click here »

Mass Emergency Emails

The University has the ability to send mass distribution emails to students, faculty, staff and CCU Alert subscribers who provide an email address.

University Website

The University home page (www.coastal.edu) will provide pertinent status updates and information related to ongoing emergency conditions or incidents.

In-building Mass Notification

There are buildings on campus that have the ability to provide voice announcements over the fire alarm systems. For emergencies involving isolated buildings, live voice messaging and emergency notification targeted announcements may be made from the central control unit.

NOAA Weather Radios

Many buildings on campus have National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Weather Radios that send notifications from the National Weather Service of approaching severe weather. The radios are located in areas that are monitored by staff and provide alerts that trigger protective actions for building occupants. 

Social Media

CCU utilizes social media networks to help broadcast messages to the University community during emergency conditions or an incident on campus. Follow us on our official social sites:

Twitter: @CCUchanticleers
Facebook: /coastalcarolinauniversity
Instagram: @ccuchanticleers
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