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Insurance Coverage for CCU Travelers

Coastal Carolina University maintains several different insurance policies for travelers covered by an approved Coastal Carolina University Travel Authorization.  These include the following:

Insurance Coverage during Domestic Travel on Behalf of Coastal Carolina University

Coastal Carolina University’s faculty, staff, and students must use their own private health care insurance for traveling domestically. Please note that the International Travel Insurance policy through AIG excludes travel within the US, including Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands. Workers’ Compensation will cover an employee if the employee is injured while working domestically.

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Student Accident Insurance (Domestic & International Travel)

Eligibility: Students enrolled in 12+ Hours Undergraduate/9+ Graduate hours 

Steps for Coverage:  None needed.

Student Cost: $0 

Benefits: $0 Deductible-24/7 Coverage-Global Coverage-$10,000 maximum benefit 

*Student Accident is an excess policy to student’s primary health insurance. If student does not have health insurance, this policy will act as the primary. 

*NOTE: This is not a medical insurance policy. This is for incurred accidents only. 

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International Travel Insurance (AIG)  (Applies to International Travel Only)

Eligibility: All current students, Alumni, faculty, staff, eligible dependents, registered volunteers and community partners covered by an approved CCU Travel Authorization.

Steps for Coverage:  Traveler MUST complete the Request for International Travel Insurance and provide it to the Center for Global Engagement at least 10 days before travel.  Signed travel authorization must be included with this request and must include coverage of $3 per day for international insurance on the TA covered by authorizing budget for the travel.

Benefits: Baggage and Personal effect loss ($500 Maximum) 

Click here to view the full policy. Details of coverage include:

  • Security evacuation ($100,000 maximum)
  • Trip Cancellation ($5,000 maximum)
  • Trip Interruption ($6,250 Maximum)
  • Return Airfare ($4,000 Maximum)
  • Quarantine Benefit ($250/Day Maximum; $2,500/Trip Maximum)
  • Principal Sum ($10,000 Maximum)
  • Medical Expense ($100,000 Maximum-No Deductible)
  • Repatriation of Remains ($100,000 Maximum)
  • Attendor Benefit ($150/Day Maximum)
  • Bedside Benefit ($500/Day Maximum)
  • Emergency Evacuation with Family ($100,000 Maximum)
  • Spouse and Child Allotments ($500/Day Maximum)

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International Liability-Chubb Insurance (International Travel Only)

Eligibility: All current students, Alumni, faculty, staff, eligible dependents, registered volunteers and community partners. 

Steps to Be Covered:  None – Automatic Coverage

The benefits of this policy include:

  • General Liability ($1,000,000 Maximum)
  • Personal and Advertising Injury Limit ($1,000,000 Maximum)
  • Medical Expense Limit ($25,000 Maximum)
  • Bodily Injury by accident/disease ($1,000,000 Maximum)
  • Kidnap/Extortion ($250,000 Maximum)

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