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Frequently Asked Questions

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What graduate programs are offered at Coastal Carolina University?

There are graduate programs offered in six of the University’s seven colleges. Please click here for a complete list.

What are the deadlines for graduate studies?

Click here to view our graduate program deadlines.

What documents are required for admission?

All students applying for graduate admission must meet the minimum requirements for acceptance. A cumulative, collegiate GPA of 3.0 and Official transcripts from every institution attended are required of all programs. Official transcripts are those that come to CCU directly from the institution attended. Transcripts should be sent to For individual program requirements, click here.

What is tuition for graduate programs?

All tuition information can be found here. Teachers will see a separate table for program rates.

How are students admitted to the University?

Students are admitted to graduate study at the University through the Office of Graduate Studies once a decision from the program committee is made. Students are placed in either one of two general categories: degree candidates or non-degree candidates.  Applicants are required to meet all standards for admission if they wish to pursue a degree program.  The category of non-degree admission is available for qualified students with reasons for earning graduate credit without a degree objective.  Credits earned as a non-degree student may be applied toward degree requirements only upon the approval of the academic unit offering the degree.  Students admitted in a non-degree classification are not eligible for student financial aid.

How many credits can I transfer into a degree program at the University?

Up to 12 semester hours of credit with grades of B or above (or equivalent grades if a different system is used) from other institutions of approved graduate standing may be transferred for use into a degree program with the following restrictions.  Credit must have been earned at an institution accredited, at the time course work was completed, by a regional accrediting commission.  The only exceptions to this standard are as follows:  transfer from foreign institutions, transfer coursework completed at an institution accredited by a recognized accrediting body, or the acceptance of credit for military education.  Graduate credit is not accepted for portfolio-based experiential learning which occurs prior to the student’s matriculation into a Coastal Carolina University graduate program and which has not been under the supervision of the institution.  The applicability of transfer credit for degree completion purposes is determined by the academic unit offering the degree.

How much time do I have to complete a degree?

A student is expected to obtain a degree in accordance with the requirements set forth in the regulations in force at the time he/she is admitted to degree candidacy, or under subsequent regulations published while he/she is enrolled as a degree candidate.  A student is restricted in his/her choice to the requirements of one specific catalog.  Students have a period of 6 years inclusive and continuous in which to claim the rights of a specific catalog for a master’s degree and ten years inclusive and continuous in which to claim the rights of a specific catalog for a Ph.D.

How do I get an advisor?

Every graduate student admitted to a degree program is assigned an academic advisor.  Students admitted as non-degree students, that is, those who do not seek degree admission or who have not yet met all the conditions for degree candidacy, are not assigned to advisors.  They may, however, consult with the designated graduate administrator within the college where their course work is offered about both specific and general questions. For contact information on graduate program coordinators for degrees offered, click here.

How can I find out more about graduate study at the University?

One of the easiest ways to find out about graduate study at Coastal Carolina University is by viewing our available Graduate Programs here. Additionally, students are encouraged to contact the University by phone and are directed to the following numbers for reference.

Contacting the University                 Area Code (843)                 

Office of the Bursar                                 349-2159

Office of Financial Aid                              349-2313

Office of Graduate Studies                       349-2394

Office of the Registrar                             349-2019

University Switchboard                            349-3161

Program Coordinators

How can I check my application status and submit additional information?

Students can check their application's status and submit additional documents through the CCU Graduate Application Status Portal

How can I request a copy of my transcript?

Transcript(s) will not be released to/for anyone except the student unless appropriately requested in writing by the student.   Picture identification must be presented when requesting transcripts in person. Transcript request forms are available online here.  Forms may also be obtained from the Office of the Registrar, Baxley Hall, Office #222.  Written requests may be submitted in lieu of a Transcript Request Form.  All requests must contain the following information:

Date of request; Student’s full name (include all names used while attending the University); Social Security Number; Date of birth; Students’ current mailing address; Number of transcripts requesting; Complete address where the transcript(s) are to be mailed; First and last terms attended at Coastal Carolina (include specific year and term for both); Daytime phone number where student can be reached; and Signature of student.

What happens if I miss a major semester (fall/spring)?

When a degree or non-degree-seeking student misses a major semester, a new application must be submitted. Please check “yes” on the question that asks if you’ve been enrolled in the last three years. If it’s been more than three years since you last took a class and are degree-seeking, additional documentation might be needed. For most students, no additional documents or fees are required.

Is there an enrollment fee for graduate studies?

Unlike undergraduate admissions at CCU, there is not an enrollment fee prior to the start of graduate classes. You should receive, in your acceptance packet, a form to send back to your program’s manager letting them know if you plan on attending CCU.

Does my program have an orientation?

The College of Graduate and Continuing Studies will have an orientation prior to the start of the fall semester for all graduate students. Individual programs may have additional orientations.

How long do graduate programs take to complete?

Graduate master’s programs at CCU can take 1 to 2 years to complete depending on how many classes you are able to take during the school year and summer. Ph.D. programs tend to take longer – 4-6 years.