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The mission of the College of Graduate and Continuing Studies is to support, promote, facilitate, and help develop outstanding graduate programs at Coastal Carolina University.  

Please pardon our website as we transition from the College of Graduate Studies and Research to our new College of Graduate and Continuing Studies. We are excited to welcome our new Dean, J. Lee Brown, III, Ph.D. and assist in creating the new vision. 


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Top 5 Frequently Asked Questions

What graduate programs are offered at Coastal Carolina University?

There are graduate programs offered in each of the University’s five colleges. Click here to view them.

What documents are required for admission?

All students applying for graduate admission must meet the minimum requirements for acceptance. A cumulative, collegiate GPA of 3.0 and Official transcripts from every institution attended are required of all programs. Official transcripts are those that come to CCU directly from the institution attended. Transcripts should be sent to For individual program requirements, please click here.

What is tuition for graduate programs?

All tuition information can be found here. Teachers will see a separate table for program rates.

How can I check my application status, submit additional information, classes and/or grades?

Hard copies of grade receipts are not distributed at the completion of each course. Students can check their grades online and view their application status by clicking here. Detailed instructions to do this can be found here.

What happens if I miss a major semester?

If a major semester is missed, spring and/or fall, a student will need to fill out the graduate application, choose the program they were previously in, and check "yes" to the question asking if you were enrolled in the last three years. No fee is necessary, nor are supporting documents. 

More Frequently Asked Questions and their answers can be found here. If you still can't find the answer, contact us!