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New and Current Students

Welcome to Coastal Carolina University! The College of Graduate and Continuing Studies is here to support your academic journey from the time you apply through your commencement. In addition to the in-person and online Graduate Student Orientation, this page will serve as your hub for all the resources and programs Coastal has to offer, to support both your academic and personal success. Please also visit our QuickGuide for Graduate policies and procedures for faculty, staff and students.

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Graduate Student Funding and Support

The College of Graduate and Continuing Studies is here to assist you in anyway we can along your academic journey. As a graduate student at Coastal Carolina University, a number of financial, academic, and personal resources are at your disposal. 

Please use the links below to discovery all the ways Coastal can help #CCUSucceed!


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Student Support Services

Coastal Carolina University is here to support students in and out of class.

In order to support you during your time with us, CCU offers many services to help you get the most of your college experience.



Student Academic Resources

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Three Minute Thesis

Three Minute Thesis or 3MT is a competition in which graduate students present their thesis in three minutes or less with the help of nothing more than a single PowerPoint slide.