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Whether it goes by the name of research, scholarship, or creative and artistic works, research at Coastal Carolina University is the process of discovery and creation found in every academic discipline.  Research is a foundation of the CCU student educational experience and an engine for the reputation and reach of the University and its faculty.

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Research News

Faculty members receive five-year grant
Faculty members receive five-year grant

CCU faculty members receive five-year grant to prepare early childhood and special education teachers for workforce

NSF grant to provide scholarships
NSF grant to provide scholarships

CCU's Gupta College of Science awarded National Science Foundation grant for project aimed at improving the success of low-income engineering students

Athenaeum Press celebrates 10 years
Athenaeum Press celebrates 10 years

CCU’s Athenaeum Press presents “Local Stories Matter” exhibit at Myrtle Beach Art Museum

Smart Reef Deployment

Coastal Carolina University has been instrumental in developing a number of smart reefs along the South Carolina coast. The latest deployment of the reef material was on July 30, 2022, when blocks for the smart reefs were dropped off the shores of North Myrtle Beach, Hilton Head, and Charleston.

As the program advances, the artificial reefs are being designed to look more like natural reefs. Instrumentation is being connected to the reefs, which provides data on a variety of water, wind, and wave measurements. It’s an effort to give a better picture of what is happening through the coastal zone, in hopes of improving forecasting and modeling.

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