About the Office of Research

The Office of Research is under the direction of the Associate Provost for Research.  It oversees the Office of Sponsored Programs and Research Services (OSPRS) and the Office of Undergraduate Research.  It is advised by the University Research Council and also partners closely with the Coastal Carolina University Research Foundation.

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The mission of the Coastal Carolina University Office of Research is to support and advance the discovery and development of new knowledge, applications, and interpretations in all disciplines through scholarly research and creative works by Coastal Carolina University faculty, students, and staff.  The office oversees and promotes policies, programs and resources that advance the quality and quantity of research activities and incentivizes research engagement that is impactful, inclusive, ethical, and safe.

 Research Value Statement

Coastal Carolina University embraces the teacher-scholar model, placing primary emphasis on high quality teaching and engaged learning, including scholarly research, creative works, and other forms of experiential learning.  The University recognizes that teaching excellence must be paired with the rigorous pursuit of scholarly and creative endeavors to create the outstanding educational experience that is foundational to CCU student success and the University’s reputation and reach.

*Italicized sections above are from the University’s Mission Statement