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Certifying Employment

Welcome to Coastal Carolina University's SC Teachers' Informational page.

We are happy to offer our partnering districts and those educators in additional SC counties special rates for our education programs. Your acceptance into your education program will give you your initial special rate. 

In order for any SC teacher to receive their educator's rate, our Employment Recertification Form should be filled out and sent in by August of every year that you intend to take classes. If we do not receive the form, you will be rebilled at the regular rate. The Office of Graduate Studies will email current students the Employment Recertification Form in July of every year.

Depending on your district and program, educator rates will vary. For the 2022-2023 academic year, the rates are below.


The following per-credit tuition rates are exceptions to the tuition rates for all other CCU graduate programs.




Full-Time Certified
SC School District Employees
in 6-County Service Area*

Full-Time Certified
SC School District Employees
NOT in 6-County Service Area


All Others

Graduate Program
Ed.S. (all disciplines) $419 $834 $419 $834 $419 $834
M.A.T (all disciplines) $598 $1,191 $598 $1,191 $598 $1,191
M.Ed. (all disciplines) $359 $715 $419 $834 $598 $1,191
Non-degree-seeking $359 $715 $419 $834 $598 $1,191
Ph.D. Education** $419 $834 $598 $1,191 $598 $1,191
Cert. Online Teaching
and Training
$359 $715 $419 $834 $598 $1,191
Cert. Computer Science Education $359 $715 $410 834 $598 $1,191
*6-County Service Area includes Horry, Dillon, Florence, Georgetown, Marion, and Williamsburg counties.
**Ph.D. in Education also extends the 6-county service area tuition rate to employees of Horry-Georgetown Technical College.

Any free class voucher should still be submitted with signatures and/or a principal letter to to receive your tuition waiver. Process time can take 24-48 hours. 


 Updated 10-2023