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Coastal Carolina University Digital Collections are hosted on a variety of platforms, including the Horry County Archives Center Digital Repository, the Lowcountry Digital Library and the Internet Archive. To view these collections click on the links below.

Horry County Archives Center External Digital Collections

  • Confederate Military Correspondence: This collection contains correspondence dealing with the Confederate military. Collection highlights include a letter from General P. G. T. Beauregard to South Carolina Governor M. L. Bonham in 1863; a letter from Colonel Edward Manigault to South Carolina Governor F. W. Pickens in 1861; and a letter from Captain T. W. Daggett to South Carolina Governor F. W. Pickens in 1861.
  • John R. Beaty Letters: The John R. Beaty Letters is a collection of 13 letters dated from Aug. 18, 1860, to Feb. 8, 1862, and four undated letters written in that same time period. Beaty was born in Conwayborough (Conway), South Carolina on Aug. 16, 1827, and died in February 1865. Beaty was a 2nd Lieutenant in Company B (Brooks Rifle Guards), 10th South Carolina Infantry Regiment, Manigault's Brigade, CSA.
  • Samuel Pope, Seaman's Protection Certificate, 1820: This document basically served as a "merchant seaman's passport." This SPC was issued to Samuel Pope on Sept. 1, 1820. Capt. Samuel Pope, who was born in Wells, Maine, in 1800/01 is believed to have moved to Horry District, South Carolina in the 1830s. In 1856 Capt. Samuel Pope was elected mayor, then called "intendent," of "Conwayboro," South Carolina.
  • U.S. Engineer Maps of the Waccamaw River, 1903: This collection contains five maps of the Waccamaw River in Horry County, S.C., from Conway to Bull Creek, dated November 1903. These five maps show the soundings and some of the place names along the river. Also shown are proposed "cuts" that would straighten out parts of the river where extreme twists and turns made navigation by larger vessels difficult.
  • Atheneum: Yearbook of Coastal Carolina University: Atheneum, the Coastal Carolina University yearbook, was published from 1969 to 1997. The 1969 yearbook is considered to be the first volume because previous editions were included as part of Garnet and Black, the University of South Carolina's yearbook. The yearbooks contain information on university administration, student organizations, student life, university sports, student and staff yearbook pictures and much more.
  • Horry County newspapers, 1861-1928: