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Information on Student Employment Program

The Office of Human Resources coordinates all on-campus student employment. The department assists students with locating part-time jobs on-campus only. It will also provide our students with a great opportunity to earn extra money, meet people, develop transferable job skills, learn time-management skills, gain experience, and get more involved on campus.

If you have any questions regarding the Student Employment program, please e-mail or contact Denise Perez in the Office of Human Resources at extension 2358. Additional information is also available in the FAQ for Student Supervisors section below.

Next steps in the student employment process:

  • Once the student job order is received and processed, it will be posted online. Students will then apply online through the completion of the student employment profile.
  • To view and dispense the applicant pool, you will need to log in to the employment system at Instructions are available by clicking on the Hiring Manager Tutorial link.
  • The screening, selection, and hiring process for student jobs are done at the departmental level. Please make every effort to fill student jobs as quickly as possible. Many students are very eager to secure jobs on campus. Departments are encouraged to interview at least three students from their applicant pool.
  • Once you identify the individual you want to hire, it will be necessary to hire the student in the Datatel system through the "New Student Hire" workflow.

Supervisor FAQ on Student Employment:

  1. Do all new student positions need to be processed through the student job posting system?

  2. Can I rehire a student at the same rate he/she was paid previously?
    Yes, but there are stipulations. Existing undergraduate student employees may be rehired at the same pay rate the student has/had in the previous semester, provided the undergraduate student employee will hold the same (or comparable) role in the current semester. The incremental structure to increase the hourly rate for undergraduate student employees will no longer be used. The pay rates will be essentially "grandfathered in" and will not increase over time, assuming the student employee will hold the same or comparable roles. If a student accepts a different job on campus that is not comparable in scope, the student employee will be paid the $8.25 rate. Click HERE to see the list of comparable jobs.

  3. Is the $8.25 rate required for grant-funded or other funded student positions?
    Not necessarily. Principal Investigators should work with current or future funding sources to ensure that the student employment budget line reflects prevailing University rates, wherever feasible.

  4. Are there other exceptions for the starting rate for student employees?
    Yes, possibly. Rate exceptions may be granted for: 
    1. positions that require certification or specialized areas with evidence of certification/specialization in an approved category,
    2. tutors with advanced training in specified courses, and
    3. technical or research work performed on an external grant

  5. Are students enrolled in the "bridge" program able to participate in the CCU student employment program?
    Bridge students may participate in the student employment program as long as the student is enrolled and attending classes at CCU student.

  6. What is the maximum number of hours a student employee should work on campus?
    Due to the high level of interest in student employment, the maximum number of hours a student employee should work on campus is 20 hours per week while classes are in session, excluding summer, holidays, and scheduled breaks. If a student employee is employed in more than one position on campus, the 20-hour limit applies to all positions combined.

  7. Can I employ student employees during the Summer?
    You may employ the number of student employees you customarily hire during the summer. This is contingent upon funding availability in your departmental budget.

  8. How many hours should a student employee work in Summer?
    In order to meet departmental staffing needs, the following are the work hour limits for student employees for the summer.

    1. Students pre-registered for the fall and taking no classes during a summer term may work up to 37.5 hours.
    2. Students taking one (1) course may work no more than an average of 30 hours during the summer term in which they are enrolled.
    3. Students taking two (2) or more courses may work no more than an average of 20 hours during the summer term in which they are enrolled.

  9. Does the restriction for summer hours apply to classroom courses only?
    No, the restriction applies to classroom courses, distance learning, and any other instructional delivery methods provided by Coastal Carolina University.

  10. Why is there an “average hours” limit?  What does that mean?
    An average hours limit has been set to ensure the University has the ability to adjust work hours in order to accommodate departmental needs (e.g. orientation sessions, special events, etc.).

    For example, a student employee may work 10 hours one week and 30 hours the next week. The average number of hours is 20.

    Even if the hours vary, the maximum number of hours a student employee can work is 37.5 in a specified work week.

    Remember, the average number of hours the student can work while enrolled cannot exceed the average limits set above.

  11. Who is responsible for monitoring the “average hours” limit for student employees?
    Supervisors will be responsible for ensuring compliance with work hour limitations.

  12. I have access to student information through Datatel/WebAdvisor - can I use that information to determine whether I should hire a student? Or, if already employed, to determine whether to continue to employ a student?
    A student's academic information is protected by the Federal Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and should never be used for non-academic, employment purposes.

  13. Can International students work on-campus? International students are generally permitted to work part-time on the premises of the school that issued their currently valid I-20, while they are attending school and maintaining their F-1 status. Federal law limits work hours to 20 hours per week while school is in session. International students may work full-time during official school breaks. (NAFSA). International students employed for the summer will follow the same work hour limits as stated above for regular student employees.

  14. Can a Resident Assistant (RA) work in a paid student position?
    Yes. Since a Resident Assistant (RA) role is unpaid, a RA may work in a paid student employee position.

  15. How can I verify if a student employee has been awarded Federal Work-Study?
    To verify if a student assistant has been awarded Federal Work-Study you can contact the Financial Aid and Scholarship Office at 349-2313. 

  16. When are departments allowed to submit a request for a new student employee job title/position?
    A request for a new student employee job title/position with a job description should be submitted for review in June and/or November for the next semester to the Office of Human Resources.